Thursday, February 05, 2009

Well it’s been a fairly quiet week. Tonight we have Little Guys parent teacher conference. I don’t mind them so bad this year. He’s getting straight A’s and I haven’t talked to anyone from the school regarding bad behavior for almost 2 months now. And for the past week he has been awesome at home. No constant struggling with him to do things, no back talking etc. It’s been wonderful. He did have one minor slip up on Sunday when he tried to assassinate the cats by spraying a whole bottle of air freshener into their food and water dishes. But the strong scent that was wafting upstairs led me to investigate what was going on and I caught everything in time and dumped it all out. It made us mad that he did it because he knew better, but he got a good talking to and sent to his room etc. then we all got over it. So far that is the last thing he’s really done…at least that we know of. And the child is horrible about being sneaky so I’m sure if he’d been up to anything else we’d know.

Yesterday I dubbed as the “Here’s Your Sign Day”. Even if you’ve never seen Bill Engvalls “Here’s Your Sign” act I’m sure you can all relate to days like this. It was just a day of stupid questions from people. My husband works for a cable company and went to his first appointment. Mind you he pulls up in a very brightly and ungodly colored truck with the company’s name written all over it, he is clad head to toe in clothes that have the name written on it and the woman still asks “ You from the cable company?”

Then when I went to get Little Guy from daycare there was for lack of a better term a dumb blonde there (sorry to anyone who is blonde). When you pick up your child you have to log them out on the computer. It’s a little daycare time clock program. Well you actually have to type in your code use the mouse to move the little arrow around and click the corresponding spots to finish the process. This girl had figured out the keyboard part but then tried not once but 5 times to use the monitor as a touch screen. Now mind you this is not a new monitor it doesn’t have the nice flat screen and is at least 7 years old. So finally another lady there whom I work with didn’t so much take pity on her but got tired of waiting on her and helped her out. I couldn’t because I was giggling too hard and enjoying it a bit too much. Then the girl did not help herself by saying “Oh thanks! I didn’t see the mouse.” The computer is white and the mouse is black sitting in plain view next to the monitor!!! I found it amusing, but also disturbing that someone was trusting this individual with the wellbeing of their small child. I’m guessing she was a big sister or something. She looked to be about 18 or so. Then as I was leaving she was standing in a doorway obtaining whatever poor child had to be subjected to her and my coworker was leaving the same room and had to tell the girl she was letting go of the door and didn’t want it to hit her. I was thinking a knock on the head might have done her some good.

So far today I have not had any of these amusements. I could use some, might make the day a bit more bearable.


At 6:34 AM , Blogger Helen said...

I think we should really implement the sign idea! Particulary in administrative offices, so we can actually ask for help from someone who isn't an idiot!

At 10:50 AM , Blogger Being Brazen said...

Hope you have a great weekend


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