Thursday, January 29, 2009

I think it’s time for Spring to come early. At least with Spring there’s a promise of new life and all that crap. This week started out okay except for the fact that I have Strep Throat. But I’ve been taking my meds and feel pretty normal and have seemed to have been able to prevent myself from passing it on to everyone. But today is just kind of a down day.

I had stupid dreams all night. Mainly something to do with Hubby having an affair or something. I’m blaming my meds for the weird dreams. I hate those dreams though. Even thought there’s no way that would happen they still give me a sense of panic when I wake up. Then so far in the two hours I’ve been at work I’ve learned that two of our veterans are dying from cancer. One is an old WWII veteran that we’ve all grown pretty fond of and the other is a Vietnam veteran who is a regular in the office. Our Vietnam vet has been given 1 week. The WWII veteran just found out about his cancer so he has some time, a few months maybe. It’s been a rather sad and depressing morning. Really makes me feel like skipping out of work getting the kids and the Hubby and having a fun family day with each other. Just one of those days that makes you realize how much time we waste away from the people we love. I really have to stop being weepy about all of this though, my contacts are starting to permanently glue themselves to my eyeballs and take on a fuzzy texture.

I’m hoping tomorrow will be a bit more on the lighthearted side and make for a better post.


At 4:02 AM , Blogger Helen said...

I hope you feel better soon! And try some eyedrops? I keep eyedrops in my pocket at all times (except that one time that I really neede them...) in case my contacts do the nasty drying out and sticky thing...

January is always a difficult month, so you're almost home free!

At 2:21 PM , Blogger coffeypot said...

Tell them both I said 'Thank You' and to the Vietnam vet, tell him, 'Welcome Home' from an old tin-can sailor from Georgia.

Hope you get better, too. And Thanks!


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