Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Well Happy Turkey Day to those of you in the States tomorrow!! Time has gone so fast this year it doesn’t’ seem like it should be Thanksgiving again already. Tonight we are headed to my Grandma Nutt’s house to have Thanksgiving with her tomorrow and then we will probably do our own dinner this weekend mainly because you can’t celebrate Thanksgiving without a turkey dinner at some point. My grandmother, for most reasons unknown, has made steaks the past few years. Now don’t get me wrong I love steak. But she cooks the life out of them. She likes to make them on her George Foreman Grill and they are dry as can be by the time they are done. I’m hoping to help out in the cooking field this year and curb some of the dryness. Everything else she makes is wonderful though. Mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and my absolute favorite banana pudding. After we’re done with dinner and everything else we will head back home tomorrow. Hubby has to work on Friday, so that’s why we aren’t travelling too far from home. I’m going to try to make it to the store sometime today to buy a small turkey to make my own feast for us this weekend. I actually enjoy cooking the turkeys ever since I’ve mastered them. For the past 4 years my turkeys have turned out perfect. So good in fact I take pictures. :P And I plan on making some sweet potatoes with the little marshmallows on top and some other favorites.

I am excited to see what Lily things of Thanksgiving this year. Last year she was still tiny and gummed a few mashed potatoes and gravy. But this year there’s so many more things she’ll get to try. Little Guy is funny on holidays. He all of a sudden gets picky about his food. I think it’s because we don’t have a lot of those things year round. So he’s not always used to everything. But my Grandma is making up some broccoli so he should be happy.

It will be weird not to have my Mom and Step Dad there this year. They are planning on just staying home and not doing a whole lot. I sent my Step Mom and text wishing them a happy Thanksgiving but still haven’t heard from my Dad since his last tirade of a call a couple of months ago. He always gets a bit cranky around the holidays anyway, so I guess it’s probably okay we haven’t talked. But, still, I miss him. I’ve been working on a letter to him that says a lot of things I haven’t ever been able to say in person. God only knows when I’ll be done with it and whether or not I’ll actually give it to him. But I’m hoping my courage holds up and it will prove fruitful for our relationship. We shall see I guess. Part of me gets so frustrated because I would love for my kids to have the type of grandparents I have/had. All of my grandparents (minus my dad’s biological family) are and were amazing. The way grandparents should be. My Mom and Step Dad do a pretty good job. Although they are still both young enough they do more of the parenting thing than the grandparent thing, but I think they’ll get the hang of it as time goes on. And my Step Mom is okay with everything, but we don’t see her or Dad very often. And Dad is well Dad. I think if he could just deal with some of his issues from the past he’d be the type of Grandpa I hope he’ll be. I’m hoping that will all get better with time too. In the meanwhile I will enjoy every minute watching Lily get older and discover things.

Anywho, it’s my lunchtime now and I get to have lunch with my Hubby!! Toodles!!


At 5:51 AM , Blogger Helen said...

You're sounding much happier these days! I guess the holidays does that... Happy thanksgiving for whenever it was, and I hope you all had a great time!

And I think I'd like burned-to-death steaks... pink meat grosses me out. Although I rarely eat meat so I guess either way...


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