Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Of Billiards and Fish

Well not much has gone on in my neck of the woods lately. My birthday was good as stated below, only thing that sucked was that night Little Guy was in the mood for throwing fits and not listening and sometime after lunch the Hubby dropped two cable boxes equaling 45lbs on his foot and bruised it up really bad. So he’s been limping around since last week. For the most part that has been the most excitement I’ve had in the past week.

Sunday evening was pool league again. It was much more pleasant than the week before. We played a really nice team and won 3-2. I won my match but Coyote Mike didn’t win his. But he was a bit upside down on his. The guy he played was a higher skill level than what he was listed at. But still Mike did well. I’ve been pretty pleased with my playing this session so far. We’ve played two nights and I’ve won on both nights. It’s a nice change from constantly losing last session. It helps having the pool table at home. And I think my cats at home like it too. They actually get to see more of us. I don’t let them upstairs in the main part of the house, their domain is downstairs and I think they get a bit peeved now and then about not being allowed upstairs. They’ll probably be really pissed at me when I move the fish tank upstairs soon.

Last week one of my pink kissing fish died so I decided to order a newer bigger acrylic tank for my fishies. Right now I only have three my sucker fish Frank, my last kissing fish and a little fancy tetra. The sucker fish and kissing fish I’ve had since before I met my husband. They’re 8 years old, so needless to say it was a bit sad for me when the one died last week. It was probably due to old age or something, but it still sucked. But I thought I’d pamper the rest of them with this new tank. I have a 20 gallon tank now and I ordered a 30 gallon. It will give them more room and I’ll probably give them a couple of new friends gradually. I’ll probably get another kissing fish to keep my lone one company. I think he’s been kind of depressed since the other one died.

Well I suppose I’ve written enough about nothing…so until I have more nothing to write about….toodles!!


At 4:44 AM , Blogger Helen said...

I've never kept fish before, but I always admired people who did! It looks a lot more complicated than peple tink! it's horrible when a pet dies, particuarly after so long, but I suppose he had a good long life for a fish?

Forgive me but I've never heard of 'kissing fish'before... do you have photos?

At 7:59 AM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Helen: I never realized how much work fish were until I bought my tank back in high school. I think he probably did have a good life as a fish. I probably could have kept their tank up a bit better at times. :P I"m excited, I checked the FedEX shipping site and I should have the new tank today!!

I added a picture to the post of kissing fish. As you can see they really do kiss.

At 8:23 AM , Blogger Helen said...

they're so cute! Thanks for educating me! nw today hasn't been a total loss...


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