Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am so good at updating in a timely manner. This week has just gotten away from me…sorry. I had a good weekend last weekend. I got a snow day from work last Friday which was wonderful; we don’t get those very often. We get plenty of snow, but most of the time our board members seem to believe that even with a foot of snow outside people will be breaking in the door to come to the courthouse. Saturday my parents finished their way here for a visit. The kids enjoyed seeing them and so did I. Of course we cleaned like mad all last week like most of us do when company is coming over. My parents really liked how we’ve decorated the house and we got an overall good report. Since Saturday was Valentine’s Day we dropped Little Guy off up at the high school for their activities night and had one of my friends come over and watch Lily. It only took us going to 3 different restaurants to find one that would let us in if we didn’t have a reservation. Now I understand it was Valentine’s Day but the places we’d been to before that one are not popular enough to need reservations. But we had a nice dinner and I had an awesome coconut margarita. Basically a pina coloda only made with tequila. After dinner we went to the bowling alley where we met up with my parents and some other friends to play some pool and grab had a couple more drinks. It was a wonderful evening but had to end way too soon. We had to have Little Guy picked up by 9:30, but it all turned out okay since Lily hadn’t gone down for bed yet. So we got the kids in bed and then….went to bed ourselves. Yes people, we are aging beyond our years. We went to bed on Valentine’s Day at 10:30. But it was a very nice night.

Sunday we hung out with my parents some more, then it was time for me to go to pool league. We played a team that is made up of friends of mine so a good time was had and I ultimately wound up getting drunk and making a spectacle of myself…but I was entertaining for the people around me and I didn’t have to work on Monday, so I took the day to recuperate and the end result of me imbibing too much on Sunday is I now have a cold. The Hubby and Little Guy have strep throat and Lily had to get her 18 months shots on Tuesday. I’m ready for warmer weather and for all the icky germs to go away. But until my head isn’t quite so foggy that’s it for this post. Tootles and kisses to all from Princess Lily!!



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