Wednesday, November 05, 2008

High School

Well on through my list of questions you guys gave me to write about. Coffey had asked me what I was like in high school, so I will go with that.

In most ways I would consider myself a rather typical teenager for the most part during my high school career. Going into 9th grade I was coming off a rumor started by the “popular” girls that I was a lesbian (all due to a shirt I wore for gym class that said “When women dream they pursue, when men dream they drool”). I was never a “popular” girl and made it clear that I didn’t really care, so evidently I was their target at the end of 8th grade. Good times. But no one really cared too much about the rumor since we were all measly little freshman. Freshman year was pretty uneventful for the first half of the year. But the 2nd half on was a bit more interesting you might say.

Around springtime, I had my first real boyfriend. Now as with a lot of early relationships I wasn’t really going out with him because I liked him that much, it was because everyone else was dating and I wanted to also. Well poor choice on my part. The guy was psychotic, got way too attached to me and it was really not much fun. He was a bit off in the head and threatened to commit suicide etc…so his dad sent him to live with his mom in Littleton, Colorado. I was glad he was gone, especially after I found out that he used to be friends with the two kids that did the Columbine shootings (when he had lived with his mom before). It was extremely creepy for me to find that out, and made me incredibly relieved that he was gone. And around the time he left and I was starting to get back to normal towards the end of the school year my parents decided to get divorced. This was the point my world got turned way upside down.

I had always thought my parents had a very secure marriage but evidently it had been deteriorating for a while and I hadn’t really noticed it much. But long story short, mom and I moved out, Dad lost his mind and my now step dad moved in with us a while later around the time I started my sophomore year.

Now somewhere in all of the mess with my parents I made a few more poor dating decisions and went from a lesbian to a slut in rumors at school. In some of my poor decision making I lost a lot of my friends. Mainly due to a fight I and another friend were having. While yes I will admit I did things I shouldn’t have and made bad decisions, she also twisted the story a bit and was bitter about someone I had dated and in her story twisting got most of our mutual friends on her side. Even Tits for a short time was on her side. Which with the information she was given is understandable. Now the more I tried to defend myself at this point in time the more everyone seemed to hate me. So I quit trying and started to make a different group of friends. Most of them were my guy friends from Tae Kwon Do class that knew the real story, and then somehow I became pretty good friends with Tits’ little brother Chewie. Somewhere in his diluted fried brain he thought we were dating for a while. But found out otherwise when I began dating his best friend…which we later found out he intentionally introduced us because he thought we’d make a good couple. So Ripper my new boyfriend, Chewie, Cricket and Cody (he never got a nickname) became my new friends and I still saw Tits in there too, but not as much as before. And this new group of friends was like family to me. We’d all hang out at Rippers house and hang out etc. Granted they are the ones who started me smoking but we had a good time. And it stayed that way for most of my sophomore year. Towards Christmas time Tits and I started hanging out more again and we made another good friend Steven. He was 3 years older than we were but, we all became extremely good friends. Life carried along its merry way for a while longer after the first of the year. And for a while I was pretty happy and content with everything (even though my mom made me quit smoking pot. Not that turning into a drooling goon was a good trait of mine). But April came around and my mom and my soon to be step dad were planning their wedding and dropped the bombshell on me that we were going to move to Sterling, Colorado. I was not happy about this. This meant leaving my friends, the only rock I really had ha through everything. They found a nice house to rent and all that good stuff, but I was still pissed and decided to dig my heels in and not go. My anger finally came to a boiling point and I became a little bitch to deal with. I threatened to go live with my dad, I argued, I gave the silent treatment, you name it I did it. But eventually a deal was reached. I finished my sophomore year out living with my grandma and when summer rolled around we moved to Kearney. Not my most favorite place then, but I love it now.

After we got moved to Kearney I started my junior year in high school. I didn’t know many people and I wasn’t overly crazy about how clicky the school was. Basically it felt like if you hadn’t been going to school with these people since birth you weren’t accepted. But I eventually found a few friends dated a couple of random guys off and on throughout most of the year then met Petri. We dated for the next year and a half and were engaged for most of that. He was my rock through the rest of my high school career until I graduated early in Jan. of 2002. I didn’t get my diploma until commencement ceremonies in May, so I got to graduate with everyone else. Petri and I had planned to get married in the summer after he graduated high school. But it wasn’t meant to be, he had to move 3 hours away, had a very psychotic family and we wound up breaking up. But then I found my husband and everything has worked out well. And Petri has kind of turned into an ass now. He joined the Marines and over the last 7 years has just changed into someone I don’t even recognize anymore. Which has been good for closure to the time he and I were together. While I cherish the memories because they helped make me who I am, I don’t look back with regret wishing things could have turned out different. If I would have changed anything I wouldn’t have the Hubby or my Lily!!

Speaking of her, as soon as I get the pictures downloaded I’ll get some Halloween pics up of my little tulip fairy 

But there you have it, my high school career in a very long post. I started this thing a week ago. If I wouldn’t have kept getting interrupted it might have been a little bit better written. :P


At 9:45 PM , Blogger coffeypot said...

Thanks! I enjoyed reading it and reminding myself of how rough it can be in high school. I don't have a lot of good memories of that time, but I survived them. I wouldn't change a thing in my life either because I would lose my daughter, Marni, and the grandkids.

At 1:44 PM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Those years in high school I consider some of the worst and the best. Except for freshman year. That whole year just sucked. But from there on I did have some incredible experiences. Good and bad as you can tell.

At 12:59 PM , Anonymous Amber said...

I would have been your friend in high school, Miss Suvvy.

Are you SURE you didn't go to the same high school I did? Because really... sounds like the same kind of people I went to school with.

At 4:19 AM , Blogger Miles McClagan said...

I was, in order - cool, not cool, completely unpopular, popular, lost all my friends in a rage of hormonal immature errors...

Plus ca change really!

At 8:50 AM , Blogger Helen said...

wow, I had always pictured you as ahving quite a sedate high-school experience, not all the changes and moving and rumours... kids can be nastry sometimes!

I'm looking forward to the photos! Lily must be getting big now!


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