Monday, October 20, 2008

It’s Monday…already.  I hate it that weekends have to go so fast sometimes. I’m in one of my little funks and the thought that I spend more time at work than I do with my family just pisses me off. Granted yes if you add it up I’m at home more than work, but a lot of that time is spent sleeping and that doesn’t count. Which sleep is one thing I could use more of. I haven’t slept well for about a week which could explain of bit of my crankiness, and the rest of it could probably be blamed on hormones. God had an evil streak of humor when he decided women should have periods. Normally mine don’t bother me too bad, but my back is killing me and I don’t like it. Anyway, I digress from that subject.

My weekend went okay. Saturday was spent doing not much of anything with the family. We laid around and watched TV and cartoons and played with the kids. Well more like played with Lily and constantly had to get after or have arguments with Little Guy. We braved Wal-Mart at 3:30 in the afternoon on a Saturday and ran into my aunt and cousin which is always nice. They live about an hour away from here but we run into them all the time due to all of the sports my cousin plays. That child is way too tall for only 14. She’s close to 6’. After our short trip to Wal-Mart we took the kids to the park. That was quite a bit of fun. Little Guy got to run off some of his energy and Lily was so cute going down slides and running after the squirrels. She’s just like me in the animal lover sense. She absolutely adores animals. The squirrels even let her get about 6” away from them. And we finally got some decent pictures of her at the park. I think I’m going to look into investing in a better camera. And not a digital. I like my digital camera but I’m old fashioned a bit. I like using the cameras that actually take film. And I also get my pictures developed a lot quicker. It’s hard to keep track of all of my digital pictures sometimes. I have so many of them. But I need something with a faster shutter time. Miss Lily doesn’t like to hold still very long so I need something that isn’t going to have that delay.

Saturday night was an interesting evening. After I got the kids to bed I went out with my friend Nick. Now going out with him can always be interesting and sometimes not in a great way. He likes to drink a lot and he frequents some interesting run down bars throughout the downtown area and therefore knows some very odd people. The bar we chose to go to has become one of my new favorites. Mainly because they have $1.50 drinks for ladies every night. So it’s cheap. And on Saturday night they had a band and we didn’t have to pay a cover. So we got our drinks and sat down. The band had sounded good during warm up so we were interested to hear what they were like. Finally when they got up to play half an hour later than the sign stated we liked what we heard. But there were some drawbacks to this group. Mainly the lead singer couldn’t be watched without giggling. He looked a bit like an older heavier version of Nick Lachey from 98 Degrees, he didn’t play an instrument other than the shaker thing that looked like an avocado and the tambourine, danced funny, looked constipated the whole time and…had a lisp! A very pronounced lisp. The man had an amazing voice, especially for singing the blues and old rock stuff, but Mustang Sally sung with a lisp is just a bit on the funny side. But I will say they did the best live rendition I’ve ever heard of Lynyrd Skynyrds Simple Man I’ve ever heard. While I was being entertained by watching the band Nick decided to wave over some people that he knew. To make a long story short on that side of things by the end of the night I wound up sitting with Nick, a guy named deaf Jeff, and black guy that was the highest biggest blow hard I’ve ever met and his construction worker friend. Now I had stuck to my decision on not drinking much, I had a Guinness and 3 watered down jack n cokes, but these very odd individuals took it upon themselves to buy me 3 shots of jack and a jager bomb. The first shot I didn’t mind and took especially since Nick bought that one, but I had said repeatedly after that that I didn’t want anymore shots. And I would have poured them on the floor or something of that nature, but they all kept a pretty close eye on us when we took the shots and I also didn’t want to get anything on the cases for all of the band equipment. But even Nick could only take so much of these people so we called it an earlier night than normal. I went home and washed my hair since it smelled like an ashtray and snuggled in with the Hubby.

Pool league was yesterday. And my losing streak still continues. I get halfway there and just have extremely bad luck. It would have helped out a bit yesterday if we weren’t playing the team of a guy I went to high school with. Mind you I haven’t seen this guy since 10th grade, but it was still a little unnerving. Someday I will do better. Just have to work on it. I do have to admit that I miss my step Dad being on the team. He is an amazing player and while his coaching techniques didn’t always work for me it was nice to have someone of that skill and where withal to help me out. We’re such a new team not everyone is used to how things can be done. Having a seasoned good player on a team is always a plus in my opinion. It can add a certain air of confidence.

I am so ready to be done with work today. I am not in the mood to be sitting here dealing with the same old stuff. It’s a beautiful day to be in the park with Lily or window shopping downtown. A day for simple enjoyment. Maybe one of these days, the Hubby and I can play hooky. Those days are always nice to have.


At 1:38 PM , Blogger coffeypot said...

I know your work load is heavy and that the job cuts into your family life, but you are working with our veterans and that makes you an angel in my book. They spent a lot of time AWAY from their homes and families, and it’s dedicated people like you that helps them with their issues. I don’t care if you are a file clerk; you are working with the troops. Thanks, hon!

At 2:24 PM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

I enjoy working with our veterans very much. That is the part that I don't mind (minus the guys that try to scam the system and make it that much harder for more deserving veterans to get what they need). It's doing stupid county stuff that won't even matter in the long run that annoys me. And when the higher ups put a cap on help we can give. I have so many ideas that would help our veterans so much more and it sort of becomes one of those "it's not in the job description so we're not going to do it". I think I would love to work on a little bit hgiher level with the VFW, DAV or Legion offices that act as the advocates for veterans in their dealings with the VA. But unfortunately for most of those positions I actually would have to be a veteran myself. But at least on this end I get to help get our veterans applications for benefits started and help the VFW, DAV & Legion guys out a bit.


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