Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I feel like I look like a dork today. Hush Mike I know I am a dork, but there is a difference between being a dork and actually looking like one. I got dressed this morning having thought about my wardrobe choice for a full 2 minutes last night before bed. I'm wearing a patterned shirt that has different hues of purple and white, khaki pants and my new cute brown shoes. The problem? I feel the pants are too short for the cute brown shoes and the extremely black dress socks I have on. I figured my pants would cover most of the top of my foot therefore the extremely black dress socks could not be seen and just the cute toes of the cute brown shoes would be seen. Unfortunately this isn't so. You can see the extremely black dress socks very clearly in contrast with my cute brown shoes and the combo makes me look like I'm wearing highwaters. Put my glasses on me today and I feel like something out of Revenge of the Nerds. I will make a note for myself to wear different shoes with this particular outfit.

This of course means shoe shopping. Now before you start rolling your eyes guys, you must know I am not a shoe whore by any means. I do love shoes and would like to own many, but alas I usually refuse to pay what people want for shoes and I prefer to wear things that are comfortable and will not put my back in traction for a week if I wear them. I'm a sensible shoe person. I used to love wearing high heels and all the other popular favorites, but unfortunately my body doesn't allow for all of that anymore. But it is easier on the pocket book, but I am a nightmare to go shoe shopping with since I have all of the above named standards for shoes.

Is anyone else ready for it to be Friday? It's only halfway through Tuesday and I am so sick of work I could yack. That could partly be because I hadn't worked since last Wednesday afternoon until yesterday. And of course I came back to all of this crap piled on my desk. Which I expected and we were fairly busy I guess, but still it's an annoyance. I guess I should be thankful that I'm not necisarily expendable here. :P Well I suppose I should keep that the way it is and get back to getting this big pile of crap off my desk. Have a good night/day/morning!!!


At 4:13 PM , Blogger coffeypot said...

I'm getting eye strain from trying to read this. The two colors are too close of a match. What did it say?

At 8:03 AM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

LOl I worried about that. I shall change the color :P


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