Friday, September 26, 2008

Sorry I haven't been around the last few days. It's been a week from hell since Wednesday. Wednesday right after lunch I get a call from the Hubby asking me to pick him up at the ER. Evidently he started having bad chest pains at work and they took him in. His blood pressure and pulse were low and the put him on a nitro drip and did all sorts of tests on him. Of course no one at the hospital or his work could think to let me know, and he was in no position to be making phone calls. But I suppose there wouldn't have been much that I could have done other than sit and worry. So, I went and picked him up and brought him home. I hadn't been feeling very well that day either. So after I got done running and getting the things he needed I laid down with him and took a short nap. Of course during this naptime I had a fever come up. But it wasn't too bad and I shook it off so I could go get the kids. The rest of the evening was rather uneventful. We had supper got the kids in bed and went to bed ourselves.

Yesterday we had to go back to the doctors office so they could do a stress test on him to further check his heart. They all seemed to go fine and they'll have the results either today or by the beginning of next week. We came home and relaxed the rest of the afternoon, and somewhere between 3 and 4 pm my fever spiked again. I had the shakes and felt like absolute shit. The Hubby was doing better than I was at that point so he went and got the kids. I spent the rest of the night fighting my fever and trying to rest...throwing my neck out of whack while I was at it.

So far today, I'm feeling better and the Hubby is doing okay. He's still pretty weak and not up to par yet. We're supposed to head out in a few minutes for another doctors appointment for him. So far I have not had a fever yet today, but it's still early. I'll write more when we get more news and more energy. Hope everyone is well!! Have a good weekend!


At 8:39 AM , Blogger Andy said...

Woah. That's a rough few days. Glad to hear that everyone's feeling a little better.

I hope the tests come back OK. That's the last thing you need.

At 4:13 PM , Blogger coffeypot said...

Sucky day! Good wishes and vibes coming your way.


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