Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hello Darlings! :P I’m hoping after I’m done typing this some of you will have posted something new too. I need reading material people!! :P Hope everyone’s weekends went well. Mine went pretty good. Friday night Coyote Mike and I went out with Specs for her birthday. We had a couple drinks at Applebee’s and then went and saw Pineapple Express at the movies. I haven’t seen a good stoner movie in ages and this one was definitely funny. Got a bit long towards the end but it was funny. Coyote Mike wrote a little about it and our evening on his last post. The one thing I enjoyed about the evening is I didn’t go home smelling like and ashtray since we weren’t around cigarette smoke. The Hubby enjoyed that too.

The rest of the weekend was pretty good too. Minus all the rain and crap. Saturday we drove to the next town over and went shopping. I finally got myself some new pants and shoes for work and stuff. I love it when I’ve actually succeeded at losing some weight and things fit better. By the time we got done with our shopping we were all a little cranky and ready to get home. On Sunday I almost won at pool league. My losing streak from the last session is still carrying over and it sucks! But hopefully it will get better. I did get called “babe” and patted on my ass by a drunken frat boy I was playing. It’s been a while since that has happened. :P He was the one I was playing and from what I observed treats every woman like that. He’s a nice guy but got a little grouchy when I won the first game. But I made him feel better when I lost the match by making the 8 ball too early in the last game. I don’t wanna be a loser anymore.  I’m mainly there to have fun and stuff but winning every once in a while is a nice pick me up.

Monday was Christopher Columbus Day so I didn’t have to work. (I get Columbus Day, Arbor Day, Labor Day off but yet I get no time for Easter, stupid political correctness anyway.) Coyote Mike and I met up for shopping and lunch, nothing overly exciting. It was a nice day for it though. It’s always nice to have a relaxing day sometimes. It’d be nice for Hubby to have one too, where he actually feels good.

Unfortunately tomorrow is his appointment and the lawyer’s office for mediation with the Egg Donor and her lawyer regarding custody issues with Little Guy. Since they’re the biological parents I don’t get to be there. But that is ok with me. While yes I will be biting my nails until it’s all done and Hubby calls me, I really don’t want to have to be in the same room with her. I wish Hubby didn’t have to be either. We haven’t had to deal with this woman in 3 years it’s complete stupidity that we have to now. She made it quite clear a number of years ago that she doesn’t really care about Little Guy. But I’m trying not to stress over things that I don’t have much power over. I just hope Hubby makes it through tomorrow okay. It’s stupid bullshit he doesn’t need. And it’s all in vain anyway. There’s no way that they will come to an agreement tomorrow about anything. But it’s the law here that you have to do mediation first before it can go before a judge to decide. They want you to work the problems out with one another and not involve the court. I think it’s someone’s pipe dream. Most people bring things back to court because they couldn’t agree in the first place. Sticking them in a room together isn’t going to help matters. But I’m hoping tomorrow can go as smooth as possible.

In the meantime I will have fun playing with the new phone I bought today. I got an LG Slider with touch screen. It’s awesome! Considering I haven’t bought a phone since two years ago I figured it was time to splurge a bit and get a new one. I’m entitled!! :P I shall regale you all more in the next couple of days with more adventures!


At 1:28 AM , Blogger Amber said...

How weird... you and my sister have the same kind of phone!

I went with the LG Env and I LOVE it.

Have fun playing with your new one! And you are totally entitled :).

I love your updates, Suvvy. Sorry I haven't been a very good blog friend and have been commenting more.


At 12:41 PM , Blogger coffeypot said...

I've been thinking about getting a new phone, but I am having a debate with my self (all 12 personalities) as to if I really need a new one or just want one. We'll have a vote later; I'll be the tie-breaker (if one is needed.)


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