Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I stole this from Avitable's site. I couldn't think of anything else to post about today.

My favorite age: 17
My best friend: Andria
My celebrity crush: Justin Hartley-he played the Green Arrow on Smallville
My most evil moment: Breaking off a good friendship back in high school over stuff I don’t even remember now.
My favorite food: Seafood.
My grossest injury: don’t really have one
My biggest hatred: Intentionally stupid people
My most illegal activity: drinking in high school
My need for justice: cruelty to animals
My most knowledgeable field: history
My life's goal: to truly enjoy life everyday.
My mother's influence: needing to be in control of things
My nerdiest point: when my best friend in elementary school and I would play figure skating at recess.
My oldest memory: my first 4th of July, I was 6 months old.
My perfect date: dinner, with good wine, a movie or some sort of activity and going to a bar with a good band
My unanswered question: why do some people exist?
My random fact: my big toes get hairy in the summertime
My stupidest decision: too many to list.
My favorite television show: The Big Bang Theory
My style of underwear: thongs or bikinis
My favorite vegetable: sweet corn
My weakest trait: too trusting
My X-men power: Storm-control the weather
My strongest yearning: to get back into shape
My moment of Zen: being outside in a nice gentle warm rain


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