Friday, March 30, 2007

Yay! People love me!! I have comments left by someone other than Coyote Mike (Hunii, Steph and Debbie). I still love you though Mikey. I’ll have to try those nobody loves me posts more often. I still miss you others though.

Well today is Friday. Thank God! I’m ready for the weekend. This week has gone quick, but I’d rather be spending my time at home rather than here at work. Although time at home usually means cleaning but at least there I have the choice to procrastinate and the only person I have to answer to for it is myself.

Last night was a very long night. A few posts ago I mentioned some of the problems we’ve been having with Little Guy. Well things seemed to be looking up a bit behavior wise up until the past couple of days. Lets just say he’d taken a couple of steps forward and then about a million back. I’m not sure what drummer he is marching to in life but I want him to find some different beats. Last night the Husband and I decided to try a tactic that was suggested to us. Basically it’s taking away things he really loves and making him earn them back. I of course felt guilty the minute he started crying because he missed his things, but hopefully it will help in the long run. I feel terrible that we have to go to these measures with a little boy who is only going to be 6, but we are running out of ideas. We also discussed seeing about setting up a consultation with a child counselor. Maybe a professional will have a better take on things than we do. And hopefully this is all just a phase and with our patience, time, guidance and love he will get through it. I’m hoping he gets through it quickly. It would be really nice to have a lot of this straightened out by the time the baby gets here. And I’m also hoping the baby will help him out in some ways. He was a wonderful big brother when he still lived with his two little brothers. He did an amazing job of taking care of them and stuff. I’m hoping he’ll be the same way with this one. He still gives me a hug every morning and rubs my tummy cause he knows the baby likes it (okay so maybe I like it better than the baby does, but I’m not gonna tell him that :P). I guess time will tell and hopefully a counselor might have some other ideas for us too.

Well it’s back to work I go. Hope everyone is doing well!!


At 8:43 AM , Anonymous coyotemike said...

Strange. You let him rub your tummy and its all fine and good. But when I do it, you get this weird look on your face :P


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