Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lost My Mind!!

Hello bloggerworld! Hope everyone is doing well. I am slowly getting up on my technology. I finally figured out how to put a background and music on my myspace profile. As I told Mike I am a sad, strange little person, and I have lost my mind (yes more so than before.)

Why is it that we think it is okay even perhaps cool to act like complete buffoons when we are with friends in public? We do and say things we normally wouldn’t but it’s as if being with our friends brings our true stupidity out. I am extremely guilty of this, even more so if I’m allowed to drink. Which I guess in one way that is a perk of being pregnant but then these damn pregnancy hormones wind up getting me in the long run anyway. For example, yesterday I meant to mail something to and organization out of town and instead wound up mailing it back to our own office. We got it in the mail this morning. I have lost my mind. I personally am blaming those “crazies” that I mentioned last week.

Speaking of losing my mind I have completely lost track of what I was going to write about today…so I shall leave you with this odd blurb that I have jotted down so far. :P Maybe tomorrow will yield something better. Have a good whatever people!!


At 5:19 PM , Anonymous coyotemike said...

muh doze ith pugget ub!


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