Thursday, March 29, 2007

Okay, I have decided I am slowly killing off everyone on my blog roll (metaphorically speaking). Since I’ve added people to my blog roll I have fewer comments (nobody loves me anymore!! Except you Mike :P) and a lot of the people seem to have either disappeared into thin air (Faris and Nick) or have just become incredibly busy (Princess). Alas I will have to branch out of my comfort zone and find more bloggers who will love me. Although it might help if I’d start posting stuff other than mindless drivel. :P In the meantime I hope those of you who have disappeared are still alive and well and that the rest of you have time to breath soon.

Now on with more mindless drivel. I had another checkup at the doctor’s office on Tuesday. Normally I only have appointments every 4 weeks, but last week I had some protein show up on one of my screenings (it was from being sick all weekend and being dehydrated) so I had to come back this week and make sure everything was back to normal. It was. Thank God! I don’t think my poor little vein in my arm could have handled more blood being drawn. I had just gotten rid of the bruise from last week. Once again the baby was being a smartass when they were trying to find its heartbeat. Every time they’d get it the baby would move and they wound up chasing it all over my tummy for about 5 minutes. The baby also decided to add in a few good kicks to the Doppler thingy on top of it. They’d find the heartbeat, baby would sidestep and kick! I’ll make a good martial artist out of this one yet. :P It was rather fun for me. I always enjoy feeling those kicks. They tickle. But according to my mother and grandmother those little kicks will become much more painful as baby grows. After they finally got the heartbeat counted (144/min) they measured me. Evidently I’m growing a big baby. It’s measuring a little bigger than average at this point. I think the doctor got a kick out of the look on my face. That’s not exactly the news a woman’s nether regions wants to hear. But I’m only 5 months along so maybe its growth spurt will taper off these last few months. We will have our next ultrasound on April 25th. I’m excited; this is the one where we will get to find out what we’re having. That and I think ultrasounds are the coolest thing. I haven’t had an ultrasound since the beginning of January and am anxious to see the difference in the baby between then and now. I of course will keep everyone and their dog updated on baby news.

But in the meantime I will get back to work and also try to come up with something that will be somewhat blog worthy for my next post. Ta Ta For Now!!


At 11:33 AM , Anonymous coyotemike said...


At 9:48 PM , Blogger Steph said...

Congrats on the baby! What an exciting time for you.

At 6:46 AM , Blogger huniii said...

those kicks get way bigger. and yeah they do feel awesome! im still lovn ya, just dont get to comment (or even post) as much anymore!

At 1:55 PM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Mike: I'll worry about the stretching thing later.

Steph: Thank you! Very exciting and very different at the same time.

huniii: No worries on the comment thing. At this point in time I'm sure you have much better things to be doing. :)


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