Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hello all. Hope everyone in blogger land is doing well. I’m doing pretty good today. I’ve gotten a lot of shit off my desk here at work, paid some bills, possibly found a contractor for my kitchen remodel and was able to eat a normal sized meal and not feel like I’m going to explode. So I guess it’s been a pretty good day so far. But now that I’ve voiced that I’m sure something will happen to turn it to complete shit (I’m so optimistic aren’t I?).

Well nothing new has really been going on in my life lately. We had parent teacher conferences last night. I thought it went as about expected and actually thought the teacher did a much better job at choosing her words better this time. The Husband on the other hand thinks otherwise. Basically Little Guy will have to repeat Kindergarten. When the teacher first brought it up earlier this year I thought it sounded completely stupid, but as the school year has progressed we have seen more of the behaviors the school has been telling us about. Basically a lot of fits, not much respect for authority and just getting too frustrated or refusing to do schoolwork. He is a very intelligent little boy and many many times at home he’s shown us he knows everything he’s learning, he just gets stubborn and decides he’s not going to do it or it’s more fun to play dumb with it. Basically his teacher says it boils down to his maturity level. And she told us she doesn’t feel he’s ready for first grade and he’s also run into the problem with the fact that all of his fits and behavior problems haven’t made him many friends at school. Granted I would love it if he could move on to first grade but if he hasn’t figured out how to get himself under control in Kindergarten and we haven’t figured it out either then first grade would be even harder for him. It boils down to him either repeating Kindergarten or having even more problems in first grade and very potentially repeating first grade with kids that have been picking on him because of his behaviors. I’m hoping this next year his behaviors will work out and he’ll make a lot more friends in this next class. I still want to figure out why he’s acting out this way now. We’ve had him living with us for two years now and have pretty much prohibited contact with his mother so she’s not constantly disappointing him and hurting him. His actions would make more sense to me if he had just come to live with us instead of two years after the fact. I love him to death and it just angers me that his own mother allowed those terrible things to happen to him. She is the one I blame. It was her job as a mother to protect him and instead she did the exact opposite. She has called in the past couple of weeks and left her typical bitchy messages that the Husband needs to call her back. Of course the stupid idiot can’t remember to leave a call back number, but even if she did I don’t think it would be in anyone’s best interest to call her back. She also emailed the Husband last week saying she’s getting remarried, and wants to see Little Guy and blah di fucking blah. All she will ever do is let that little boy down time and again and piss me off to no end. I just want her to go away. I’m hoping if we continue to just ignore the phone calls and everything she will go away like every other time in the past couple of years. I don’t need her shit especially since I’m pregnant and am very uncomfortable with the fact of her finding out I’m pregnant. She made some threats to me a few years back that stick in my mind. But also we as a family (i.e. the Husband, Little Guy and myself) don’t need her shit…we don’t need her period. But I guess time will tell what will happen with all of it. I in the meantime am trying my best not to stress over it.

But moving on from there. Tits’ (my best friend for those of you who don’t know) grandfather passed away on Sunday. He died of lung cancer. I knew it wasn’t good when I listened to my messages early Monday morning and had one from Tits where she was crying. Finally through the sobs in the message she got out that he had died. Cancer just sucks. I don’t see how we can put a man on the moon and little robots on mars but we can’t find a cure for cancer. It just makes no sense to me. It reminds me of the movie “Medicine Mane” with Sean Connery where he plays doctor that finds the cure for cancer in the rain forest but the higher ups don’t listen to him and let that part of the rain forest be destroyed by logging companies. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if there really is a cure but all the big heads of companies and the government are keeping it under wraps. I guess maybe someday we will find out.

But now that I have fried my brain ranting about two different things I suppose I should get back to work. Hope everyone has a great day!!!


At 4:46 PM , Anonymous coyotemike said...

It may well take much more than 2 years for little dude to work out all his issues with his mother. And who knows what sort of trauma he witnessed that hasn't come out yet. It may be best for him to repeat kindergarten, but it might be even better for him to see a counsellor. Otherwise, there could be something that haunts him for years and basically ruins his life well into adulthood.

At 4:51 PM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Well I have had some of the same ideas. I'm sure there's stuff we will never know. We had looked into counselors but he is just now reaching age of good communication with them. He's seeing the school counselor for now and we've been discussing the possibility of other counselors for him. Eventually it'll start getting beter.


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