Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Okay so I have fallen off the face of the Earth again. Every time I have something to write about I can’t find the time to get it posted. So I will make the time today, that and I’m sick of filing stuff here at work.

So far nothing earth-shattering has happened in my life. I’m leaving all of that stuff to Princess. Although she needs some good stuff to happen for her here soon. I have been keeping busy with work, putting my house in order and trying not to freeze my tookus off here in Nebraska. This week we are finally out of the negative digits and around 50 degrees. But then Mother Nature has decided she will be cruel and will possibly drop another butt load of snow on us this weekend. I want warm weather damnit!! I feel better when its warm weather and I get more done. Plus if it gets warm enough eventually my mud pit of a back yard will dry out and my floors might stay clean.

The baby is doing well and growing. We got to hear the heartbeat for the first time yesterday. It’s still a weird feeling that I have another person growing inside of me. I read a funny article the other day on that compares babies to parasites. With all of the changes our bodies go through with carrying a baby there are actually a lot of similarities. Only with babies the outcome is much better than with an actual parasite. I do have to say though, baby has jump started my metabolism again. Since I have been pregnant I have lost 10-15 pounds and I haven’t been having any morning sickness for over a month now. The doctor wasn’t overly worried about it but he said if I lose anymore by my next visit then they’ll put me on a special diet. The Husband contributes the weight loss to the fact that I am eating healthier now than I did before I was pregnant. I’m just hoping I can keep these good habits and stuff up after the baby is born. It would be wonderful if I could have the body I did when I was 18 again. I had such cute clothes back then and it would be wonderful to fit into them once more.

We are still trying to find a contractor to come finish our kitchen remodel for us. I am hoping that we will find someone to call us back soon. I keep envisioning what it will be like to have a new kitchen. It will also just be nice to have that part of the house put back together.

Well I suppose I will end this one here as I have gotten busy again. Hope everyone is doing well!!


At 8:16 PM , Anonymous coyotemike said...

You forgot to tell them that you have taken to doing your office work in the nude, found out you were impregnated by an alien and that you grew a third foot :P


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