Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lesson Learned

It is honestly amazing I don’t wind up in the ER more than I do. This weekend I decided to do some gardening in an attempt to make my flower beds more presentable. In short they were scary overgrown things last year and I would really like to have them be something I want people to see.

Well as I was pushing my yard waste container from one side of my flower bed to the other I wasn’t paying attention (I was noticing that Lily broke my little squirrel statue) and hit a bump in the lawn which in turn caused my yard container (ok yes it’s a trash can) to fall over towards me and since I was pushing this caused me to fall head first into it. As it hit the ground with me inside there was a very loud “son of a bitch” that came out of it. I crawled out of it as quickly as my bruised body and pride would let me to see that thankfully no one was around to witness this and put it on YouTube. My neighbor lady was out clipping her lilac bush but seemed like she hadn’t seen anything. I have bumps, bruises and scrapes all over me from this little expedition I went on. Sunday at pool my other friends were tired and sore from things like softball practice and binge drinking…I was the one who was sore from falling in her garbage can. Sigh. Only me.

On a good note though I have one flower bed looking great and only two more to do. Granted they are enormous flower beds but there are only two of them. I have also learned the lesson to pull the yard waste container, don’t push…unless I am going downhill then its okay to push it otherwise it tries to run me over.


At 3:35 AM , Blogger Helen said...

I'm sorry to say I laughed a lot reading this. It's so exactly what I would have done! Hope you heal quickly!


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