Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heat wave, tropical heat wave! We here in central Nebraska have hit a weekly high of 12 degrees! Holy crap on a cracker it has been cold! I know I’ve said I’ve always wanted to see Alaska but I meant actually go there, not just feel the ungodly temperatures. We had a really good 2.5 day snowstorm starting in the wee hours of early morning last Tuesday. We got about 12 inches of snow and none of it is melting yet. Guess we get a white Christmas after all. I actually have quite enjoyed how pretty everything looks and have been kind of happy it snowed; but then I have to get out and drive somewhere and that cures me of that warm fuzzy feeling for a while. It is some unwritten rule that everyone who has a driver’s license has to completely lose their minds and drive like complete shit. But at least I have my paths of least resistance worn into the ice and get to and from everywhere with minimal problems.

I am also thanking my lucky stars (yes I actually have them, they may not be as bright as other peoples but dammit they are there) that I am not my parents. They got into town the other night with their gigantic U-haul and have the joy of driving it to and from a storage unit they rented to unload it. I’ve never heard of anyone move they way they have been doing, but it has been entertaining to hear the tale. And since I have to work I don’t have to help!! That’s the best part yet. I don’t like moving never have and I especially don’t like moving with anyone I’m related to. Give me a whole bunch of strangers and I’m fine. But make me move with my family and I’m just ready to strap everything to my back like a little pack mule and move it all myself even if it means I have to throw my back out doing so.

I still have my reservations about the parents being back though. See a year and a half ago they decided to move for my Mom’s work down to New Mexico. So we moved from the little town we lived in 20 miles away to their house here. Then between my Mom and Grandmother they came up with the idea to start fixing up our little house down there that we still own so they could get it the way they want it and use it to stay in when they come to visit. And I’m sure many of you remember the ranting and raving in posts back when they were fixing it up. But lo and behold the job thing didn’t work out (the phrase “I told you so comes to mind”) and now my Mom and Step Dad are living in our old house and we are still in theirs. This will not bother me as soon as we “officially” buy their house here. So far the popping by with only a moments notice has begun and I’m sure there are other annoyances that will ensue as well. I will admit we are not always the best house keepers, but I think for a couple with 3 kids we do a pretty decent job. But our idea of decent and my mother’s usually wind up having two different definitions. That of course means “hello stress and high blood pressure”! So either I’m going to turn into an OCD cleaning machine or I will have a massive coronary and drop dust bunnies on her from up above. But I do suppose it is kind of nice having them back, they are my parents after all and I suppose I still have to love them :P


At 10:23 AM , Blogger Olga said...

It's cold and snowing here as well. Keep warm and have a good weekend! :)


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