Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So I am finally feeling a bit better this week. I don’t feel like I’m in a complete funk anymore. We got the car fixed and it wasn’t overly expensive (yay) and things are going ok. Went out Friday night and had a night of pool and drinking and laughing and crying. For lack of remembering who I have nicknamed what on here, gloves are off and I’m using real names now. LOL

I was out with Jimmy (aka Smalls), Tabitha (not sure if I’ve mentioned her before) and Tyler (never brought him up either). Now we all are horrible examples for each other and the night turned into playing scotch doubles 8 ball and doing shots of tequila and whatever else we had. I had a total of 1 long island iced tea and one beer other than the shots and I was feeling absolutely no pain by the time the night was over. And our wonderful most awesome friend Cover was bartending so we didn’t pay for most of it. Now with all of this drinking we wind up doing I usually wind up tiptoeing over that happy go lucky edge to I cry for no reason what so ever. But at least this time I was crying cause of my puppies and just because of the crappy mood I have been in. The night ended with us heading out with our friend Jonah and his mom Susan. Susan just got a new pool table at her house so we went there to play (this is where I did most of my crying :P) After being there for a couple of hours we all found a ride home. It was about this time that I realized I had lost my keys. Which let me tell you is no easy task. I have lots of keys and lots of key chains all hooked together. But thankfully Susan found them Saturday in her car. They evidently fell out of my purse.

I spent Saturday feeling just a bit under the weather but not near as bad as I had expected. My Hubby Tim and the kids headed out of town so Tristen his oldest son could visit his mom and Tim could see his family there too. So Lily and I got a whole weekend together and it was so much fun. Saturday we just putzed around the house and she used the potty!! Sunday we got up and I took her to breakfast at our drive in restaurant Sonic. She enjoyed a sausage breakfast burrito and apple juice and played with a lady bug that landed on her. After that we went to church where I have no idea what went on because I was so busy occupying her time. Then we met up with Lisa (aka Specs) and her little boy Evan at the park. We took Comet our new puppy with us and it was a blast. He’s such a good little dog. He doesn’t need a leash and is friendly to everyone he meets. When we were all tired from the fresh fall air we went home and had lunch and laid down for a short nap. Tim wasn’t quite back in town yet by the time I had pool league so Lily got to go with me for a while. Everyone loves her and she had lots of fun. Tim showed up just in time though, she was getting tired and ready to go bye bye. So I saw them off and went back and finished our pool night. I am happy to report I won my match against a player that was supposed to be a lot better than I am. I thoroughly kicked his butt!!

Yesterday was a decent Monday. I got a lot of things done at work that I wanted to, except for my mountain of filing, but it went good. During my break I was checking out the Humane Society’s web page to see if they got any new dogs in and spied a 4 month old female basset hound. It had to be fate. Tim and I had discussed getting a second dog and we had been thinking about getting a basset hound. But all of the people that have them around here wanted way too much money. So I snuck out of work just a bit early and met Tim there to look at her. And I am happy to say we added a pretty basset girl named Maggie to our family. She is extremely well behaved, half way potty trained and is great with Comet and the kids. She is just a big lover. I’m still missing my babies Lady and Charlie but I know they are happy and taken care of up in that big doggie heaven. I’m just glad to be able to give two other dogs a good home and lots of love. Here is a cute picture I took over lunch of our Maggie and Comet.


At 5:03 PM , Blogger Coffeypot said...

All that drinking...you would have made a great sailor. You have tats, too. That would clinch it.

At 8:52 PM , Blogger Steph said...

Aww bless, they look like they're getting along great.

At 2:59 PM , Blogger Olga said...

This picture is soo cute - lovely dogs!


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