Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So I really should be tackling this ginormous amount of filing I have on my desk, but I do not like filing and would rather be writing for all of you! I think I have finally found that way back to being me. I haven’t cried for no apparent reason for over a week now, so doing good.

And also my duties as love guru have started back up. The couples that are still together are back to their same old disagreements a few aren’t together anymore, but still need me :P My universe is back in balance. I guess horrible luck is what I get for bitching about being appointed as the love guru.

I’m also very proud that I made it through the weekend without any tequila shots…thank God! Friday night I slipped out to a local tavern where my friend Nick and two of his other band mates were doing an unplugged show. The band technically doesn’t exist anymore since as most bands do it imploded for some reason. I blame it on the fact that the main focus of the band was Nick and his two older brothers. The never agreed on anything and add alcohol into the mixture it’s bound to spell disaster. But I had to admit I rather enjoyed their unplugged show. It was Nick his oldest brother Scott (the know it all) and their keyboard player Gary. I had not had a chance to hear Gary play yet, but the man is awesome. He is a Vietnam veteran and can play like there is no tomorrow and has a wonderful voice too. I stayed long enough to hear one set and have a drink with Nick when they took a break. I haven’t seen much of him since he’d started dating his girlfriend Jade, so it was time to catch up a bit. Unfortunately he and Jade broke up yesterday. I guess Nick’s drinking has gotten really bad over the last few months and she’s a mom to two little girls and has issues of her own. So I guess it’s for the best all the way around. I just hope Nick doesn’t drink himself into an early grave over it all.

I left Nick rather early in the night though since I had to be up early on Saturday. Mom and I were playing in Gibby’s fall classic 9 ball tournament and had to be on the road by 9am. I was rather nervous about the tournament since it would be the first time I’d played 9 ball competitively. My nerves got worse after we got there and I saw the kind of players that had shown up. I also was not happy with the fact that we were playing in the women’s bracket. I don’t like playing other women very often. I get too competitive and then I can’t play worth anything. But in this case I settled for it since I wouldn’t have had a flying fart in space of doing well in the open bracket. There were four of us from our town and I figured that Tabitha and another girl would do really well along with my Mom. But the pool gods shined on me and I finished in 5th place! Tabitha, the other girl and my Mom all got eliminated in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I was pretty pleased with how I did. I felt incredibly lucky and everyone was very proud of me.

Sunday night I was the sacrificial lamb for the pool team though. We won 4-1 and I was only one game away from winning my match. But that’s okay I figured I’d played a lot of pool over the weekend and it wasn’t a huge deal if I didn’t win. The rest of my team did awesome; Mike took out a really good player that’s ranked much higher than him, Lisa kicked ass in a rematch against a guy that none of us like, Tabitha got a rackless for what will probably be her last time playing since she has finally found a job and Brad won his match really well too.


At 3:23 PM , Blogger Coffeypot said...

Be sure to tell Gary thanks and welcome home from an old Tin Can Sailor.

And put a check on that so-so attitude about loosing your game. That could be a reason for loosing. Take no fucking prisoners and kick ass every time you chalk your stick (boy that sounds dirty and fun.)

At 4:16 PM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

I'm going to have to remember that saying now. I wasn't thrilled that I lost, but I figured I could afford one. :P Plus by the end of the match me and Jack Daniels were pretty mellowed out.

At 4:53 PM , Blogger Hilly said...

You're kinda my hero if you can make it through without tequila shots...those are my favorite!

At 8:58 PM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Tequila is awesome especially with the whole salt and lime thing. It's one of the few things I can shoot/drink and it doesn't kill my taste for it.


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