Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Okay in light of how depressing my posts have been as of late this one shall be a bit different. I was over visiting Lucy’s blog this morning and she mentioned upper lip and eyebrow waxing. I left her a rather rambling comment that made me sound like I had a freakish lazy eye so now I must clarify for my own sake.

Now I am a very dark haired individual and therefore am cursed with dark body hair. The hair on my head is very fine and rather thin compared to others hair. But I believe my eyebrows make up for the lack of fullness my head has. I seriously have rather scary Brooke Shields eyebrows if I don’t get them shaped and waxed on a fairly regular basis. They look like two big fuzzy caterpillars sitting on my face. Now in this comment I left for Lucy I explained that I cannot do my own eyebrows. Aside from the occasional clean up plucking I do not, cannot, will not wax my own eyebrows. I am a bit OCD when it comes to things being symmetrical and this causes problems for my eyebrows. I have just a slight flaw with my eyes. One looks fine to me but the other is a bit fuller in the upper lid area that is right below the eyebrow. Therefore it seems as though I have a bit of a lazy eye. Most people I know don’t actually notice it unless I say something, but of course since it’s my face I feel like Quasimodo with the big buggy eye. I don’t believe my eye has always looked this way, personally I am blaming the trombone that hit me there back in high school and cut my eye open (that was when I definitely decided I couldn’t withstand the pain to pierce my eyebrow). So in all truth making my eyebrows match up symmetrically does not work and has the complete opposite effect and I tend to have no eyebrows left by the time I try to fix it. And ladies I don’t care who you are drawn on eyebrows are not attractive. Below I have posted a pic of my eyes just to show that I am in fact not Quasimodo with a buggy eye.


At 2:32 PM , Blogger Coffeypot said...

I'm a man...they look great to me. It's a woman with a mustache and goatee that gets me.

At 4:21 AM , Blogger Moi said...

There is no difference whatsoever! Isn't it funny how we can find faults with ourselves that no one else can? I recently discovered that I am slightly knock-kneed but no one else agrees with me. I think they are trying to protect my feelings.

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