Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Call Me Squeaky

Hmmmm….time for an update I believe.

I feel like writing today…mainly because I have had one nasty cold that Lily gave to me for Mother’s Day and I have now lost my voice.

Specs and Smalls are a definite item now and have been for a few weeks. They basically make each other deliriously happy and psychotic all at once. They both act like teenagers who have never had a boy/girlfriend before. It’s cute but I am also starting to sound like a fortune cookie every time I talk to them. They both have issues as I have stated before and those issues as expected have caused little speed bumps down the road of love. Smalls issues are fairly typical for a 36 year old guy who is getting out of a 15 year marriage and has two kids. Specs is more paranoia and past hurt. They had to sit down with one another last night and have the talk about…yep you guessed it…sex. Smalls has only slept with one woman in the past 15 years and Specs hasn’t had sex in 3. So we are definitely not dealing with a lack of hormones or wanting we are dealing with the emotional side of it all. That is the tricky side. Specs is mainly the one with the issues. She’s worried that if they have sex that’s all he’ll want to keep her around for etc. The list grows the more she lets herself think about it. Smalls of course didn’t realize any of this he was just thinking that she didn’t want to get pregnant again.

They attempted to have this conversation on Sunday night after they’d both been imbibing in the spirits. Evidently the conversation didn’t have the same point for both of them and it became a bit of an awkward night. So I stressed to Specs that they needed to sit down and have this conversation without being under the influence of alcohol. Thankfully the talk last night went a lot better and Specs seems to be feeling better about things. Smalls feels good about things but it bothered him that she might have thought he was shallow enough to have just wanted her for sex. But he’ll get over it. I have given him my many words of wisdom and comfort and hopefully this topic has come to a close…at least until they actually do have sex.

Other than those two the rest of my life is pretty quiet. Pool league is actually going well. The session is over and we finished in last place but it’s playoffs now and my team drew the wild card for the play offs. We had our first match against the first place team on Sunday night and we shut them down!!! It was awesome! Whichever team won 3 matches first got to move on in the play offs and we beat them 3-0. Now this coming Sunday we play the 2nd place team and if we beat them that means we get to go to regionals. Now this is where I honestly don’t know if I want to win this weekend or not. Regionals are held in another town about 3 hours away and I doubt we would last very long at regionals. I have enough issues trying to get my players to the pool hall on Sundays in the town where we all live much less trying to get them to another town in time for check in. I guess I won’t stress about it and just see how it plays out this weekend. It will be a lot of fun though.

Well, it’s almost lunch time and I need to get some things done around work before I go. So I will update again soon. Toodles!!


At 12:38 PM , Blogger Helen said...

You're back! YAY!

At 11:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those two are going to wake up together some morning, not be sure if they had sex or not, then call you with details you really don't want to hear. I think it is time for you to extract yourself from the depths of their relationship.

And I know, you're going say that you aren't in that deep. You are. Trust me, you are.

At 11:39 AM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Mike: Specs would be the one to give the details. I'd much rather talk to Smalls about all of it compared to Specs. That girl is way too paranoid for her own good. I will say at least their relationship is not the be all and end all of my life. But still I'm either ready for it to go kaboom and be done or have them get comfortable with each other.

At 12:25 PM , Blogger Amber said...

I think it's awesome that they finally got together. It sounds like they're a very cute couple -- definitely need to move past the "being 16 feeling" enough to have a grown-up relationship.

But it's good to have that feelings in other ways :).

Best of luck in extracting yourself. You helped them get out of their own way and find each other -- I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that your job is done.

Take care of you, babez!!! :)

At 12:35 AM , Blogger I LOVE YOU said...



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