Thursday, April 09, 2009

"Like sands through the hour glass...these are the days of our lives"

In the ongoing early love story of Specs and Smalls…I got a phone call about 10:30pm last night from Smalls. I had sent him and email earlier in the week telling him that Specs liked him and enjoyed talking to him the other night at pool league. Smalls sounded like a little kid with his first crush. He is what I call twitterpatted. It was quite funny and actually pretty cute. He was happy that she liked him too and wanted me to ask her if it was okay for him to have her phone number. He also mentioned that he didn’t know how all of this worked anymore and felt like he was back in school. I was by this time rolling on the floor giggling at him. It’s not everyday I get to see a guy like Smalls get this flustered, especially over a girl. But finally after repeating himself many many times I assured him I would talk to her and find out. So of course this morning I get a hold of Specs and she’s just as twitterpatted as he is and she was fine with him having her number as long as he wasn’t a marathon phone talker. So shortly thereafter I texted both of them the respective phone numbers. As I said previously I have no idea if this is a relationship that would ever work but that is for them to decide and I will be a spectator. I think we are all trying to shoot for maybe going out on Saturday and I’m hoping to find a sitter so Hubby can go too. It shall be interesting and of course you guys get to hear about it all whether you like it or not.

Currently I am cursing the weather. It was rainy all day today but it wasn’t a really cold rain until just a bit ago. Now it’s turned into little ice balls. I am so ready for Mother Nature to quite screwing with us and bring Spring. I mean we are Nebraska we get screwy weather all the time without her highness messing with it any more!! ANNNNDDDD……of course my coat would be out in my car. Such a good place for it!! But I shall be back tomorrow with hopefully better weather updates and possibly more in this budding relationship. :D


At 6:49 PM , Blogger coffeypot said...

Get'em a room, put a 12-pack of rubbers on the night table and tell the to go at it.

At 12:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm going to start calling you Yenta :P


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