Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well I have fallen in love….with Jell-O shots!! This previous Saturday was the Hubby’s birthday and I invited a few friends over and we had burgers and stuff and I tried my hand at making Jell-O shots. Now even though I’ve had a lot of different drinks I had never tried Jell-O shots until Saturday. They are awesome!! I made two different kinds, tropical fusion Jell-O with coconut rum and lime jello with tequila. Now the tequila ones turned out a bit strong. I had accidentally grabbed the large box of lime Jell-O and did not want to make that many Jell-O shots. At least not for 6 people. We all would have been on the floor by the time the night was over. So in total I made 18 shots and everyone really liked them. Between the shots and the company we all had a really good time. The kids even got to have non alcoholic Jell-O shots. Lily had green Jell-O all over by the time she was all done and all the flirting and playing with our company made her very sleepy and she went to bed without a fuss. That in itself made for a great night since she is definitely entering into the toddler phase. She has mastered the art of throwing a fit and being a bit stubborn.

Two of the people I invited over were Specs and Smalls and they got along really well. It was the first time they had really been able to be around each other for any length of time since they’ve met and decided they kind of like each other. Smalls was the life of the party though. The man knows how to tell a story and he had plenty of funny ones which Specs really enjoyed.

She’s at that point though where she’s almost trying to talk herself out of liking Smalls though. She keeps saying she’s ready for her happy ending…a husband and a family and doesn’t think he’s looking for that since he’s just getting out of his marriage etc. But I have told her that those happy endings usually come out of places you don’t expect them and she can’t expect it to ever happen unless she gives people a chance. So far I’ve done pretty well at convincing her he’s worth a shot. She can get to know him better and then make the call whether he is worth it or not.

In other odd happenings there’s an old friend, Amanda from high school that wants to get together this weekend with Tit’s and I. We reconnected over MySpace here a few months ago and it’s been pretty nice but definitely weird. She, Tit’s and I were very close back in high school until boys got involved. And basically with the different factors of hormones, girls being genetically programmed to turn into major bitches and other issues we wound up having a huge falling out and split up. Eventually she and Tit’s quit hanging out too. While I admit I had some faults of my own in all of it I think and so did many others that she just overreacted. But over the years as I look back on things I’ve felt bad for never really apologizing to her for some of my actions that did hurt her. So when I found her on MySpace I apologized and she was amazingly cool about everything and we’ve been emailing back and forth. I was glad to know that our issues back then didn’t quite have the lasting effects on her like they did me. But part of me still remembers what a heartless bitch she could be back then and I have this odd fear that it’s all some colossal joke on me or something. I guess we will find out when we all get together. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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Hi! Thanks very much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :) I have been blogging literally for 5 days altogether so you can't imagine how happy I was when someone actually got to see my blog and left a comment:)!!Greets from Poland where the weather is not too good either...


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