Thursday, March 26, 2009

I felt totally Zen this morning! The Hubby is home with Lily today since she has a cough that’s a bit contagious so all I had to do was make sure Little Guy and I were ready this morning and we got to take my Mustang. Now don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my beefy mommy mobile..aka big red Dodge Durango. But I also absolutely love my Mustang. 2005 Ford Mustang I bought absolutely brand new the week of our wedding. It’s white with red leather interior and the most kick ass stereo system I’ve ever had. I’m perfectly content thumping my way down the street. Little Guy was thrilled he got to be dropped of at school in the cool car and after his little tush left the seat I cranked my stereo. I cruised on into work blasting Bad Company and loving every minute of it.

This is also how I feel on Sunday evenings. Sunday is the day I have pool league and I am captain of our team. So I get all groomed up grab my cue and slid on into the Stang and feel like I’m instantly transformed from mother and wife to a bit of the cool girl I used to be. I love being a wife and mother and wouldn’t give it up for the world, but every once in a while it’s totally amazing to just get carefree and become that person I used to be. The cute, young care free girl that everyone loves and has fun with. Now I may not be as cute and young as I used to be but that can all be made up with the amount of alcohol people consume at pool league.

I became involved in pool league because of my Step Dad and my Mom. My Step Dad is crazy good at pool and my mama ain’t too bad either. :P And now that they don’t live here anymore I have to carry on the legacy. Most of the people in league are around my age and I have made so many awesome friends there. Granted I’ve made them all through my parents but I’ll take what I can in friendship. I walk through the door of the pool hall grab my beer and instantly have people I can go talk to and schmooze with. It’s such a wonderful feeling. And we shoot some games of pool have celebratory shots and drinks, then we all seem to get tired and go home. LOL Sundays are my days to just let go and have fun. Granted Mondays can suck at times depending on how much I drank on Sunday, but I think this is me making up for not going through that drunken college phase. And I don’t always drink either.

I’m very grateful to the Hubby for these days too. He stays home with the kids while I go out to play. It’s awesome that he does that for me. And one of our friends has agreed to start watching the kids for us once a month so we can have a date night, which will be very nice and we can relearn how to socialize outside of the house.


At 9:51 AM , Blogger Helen said...

I'm glad you had a good day! and glad to see that you're still around! It seems that we're all neglecting the blogs these days :(

At 1:38 AM , Blogger Amber said...

I'm so excited for you that you're comfortable enough now to let Lily stay with someone so you and your hubby can focus on each other.

It's important to not let your marriage become less than a priority after you've had a baby (or whatever).

At least... that's what I've heard! :)

Enjoy your night out!



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