Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh it is such a blah day! The weather has been very blah the last few days. Overcast and rainy with wind. The wind is a wee bit better today though. But it all just makes me feel so sleepy. Maybe I’ll wake up a bit after lunch.

Not much has been going on my way. Little Guy is up to plenty of shenanigans at school. I thought my days of talking with teachers and principles were over. :P Evidently he punched a kid yesterday on the playground. He said it was because the kids have been making fun of him all the time and stuff like that. Now was it right, no there were definitely different options for him to choose, but can I understand that his temper got the better of him, definitely. I will say this, there is the possibility that any teasing that was going on will stop. It’s always so hard to figure out what the “good parent” choice for stuff like this is. I think I remember so much of my childhood it’s easier for me to relate to what’s going on on that level than on a parenting level. Hell I punched a girl in school because the midget had tormented me since Kindergarten and after that she left me the hell alone. I was the main focal point for many bullies in my class; I was the kid that never stood up for herself. But oddly enough after punching the one girl the rest of them seemed to have a bit more respect for me. I’m sure there’s better ways that I could have handled it too, and by no means is violence (always) the answer. Sometimes with bullies you’re left with no choice but to stand and fight. Ever since then though, especially since I started studying martial arts I have a strict policy of “I won’t start a fight but I will definitely end one”. And I have started to teach Little Guy what defending himself means. I feel for him though. It’s no fun being the focal point of teasing, but I also know he doesn’t help himself much with the way he can behave and treat others. We’re getting him started in the in school counseling program. By far this is the best one I have come across. It’s not the typical talk to the guidance counselor thing; the school system actually has licensed counselors that go to the different schools to talk to kids that have behavioral, academic or family problems. I’m optimistic that it will help him some.

Now all I need is my own therapist! :P LOL Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should make for supper? I have got to get the rest of my kitchen crap moved and unpacked. I get ideas for recipes, but then I turn around and don’t yet have all the tools I need available. That and I’m still getting the hang of my new stove. It’s one of those ceramic tops. I absolutely hate boiling things over on this stove. Those things can be a bitch to clean. Anyway…anyone have any suggestions as to what I should write about for my next post? Any requests or questions?


At 12:06 PM , Blogger Andy said...

How about a seafood and panchetta risotto? Nice and easy, and the flavours are amazing.

Let me know if you want the recipe.

At 1:14 PM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Of course I want the recepie!!! :P

At 1:56 PM , Blogger Andy said...

Heh. OK. I'll have it up on my blog in the next hour or so.


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