Thursday, June 14, 2007

I should be working. But what fun is that? Plus everything I’ve been trying to finish up and get off of my desk has to be signed by my boss who is not here until Monday. It’s a rainy day here in good Ol’ Nebraska. But it’s not a bad rain. It’s a nice gentle fairly warm rain that has gone on for two and a half days. It makes me sleepy but it’s also relaxing. Wish I were at home to enjoy it thought instead of being stuck at work. I have decided I am very ready for my maternity leave when it comes. Granted it will be a change in income for a little while but it will be a nice break. I enjoy my job but as with every job you get a little burnt out on it now and then. Plus I will look forward to not having to look through the obituaries everyday. That gets a wee bit depressing at times. We’ve had a couple of people pass away that I remember and knew fairly well. Makes things a bit melancholy.

I have also decided I need a new bra. This one is squeezing the life out of me by the end of the day. It’s not so bad first thing in the morning but as the day goes on my body swells and the baby also decides to sit up higher stretching the elastic in my bra to its maximum capacity. Therefore I feel like I have a boa constrictor wrapped around my rib cage. But what heaven it is when I get to go home and take the blasted thing off!!

I also look like Big Bird today. A lot of my maternity shirts are starting to get smaller on me the bigger I get and aren’t so comfy anymore. So today I am wearing one of the polo shirts that the Husband had stuffed in the closet. It is yellow, very yellow. But it is comfy and that won out over color this morning. Although I had to be quite the site walking to my car at lunch. The rain was really pouring down so my co-worker let me borrow and extra umbrella she has. So there I am in my canary yellow shirt with a rainbow colored umbrella walking along in the rain stepping in every puddle there possibly was. I should have started singing and dancing and really given everyone a show. :P

This is the extent of my writing today. What would your lives be without reading this!? LOL Hope everyone has a great day!!


At 5:55 PM , Anonymous coyotemike said...

When did you start wearing a bra?

At 1:29 AM , Blogger Amber said...

First of all, I think you're entitled to be comfortable no matter WHAT you're wearing when you are that far along pregnant! :)

Secondly, I highly, highly, doubt that it is the opinion of anyone else that you look like "big bird" in your yellow shirt. We are our own worst critic. I'm sure you look(ed) adorable! :)

At 10:47 PM , Blogger Karen said...

Comfort should always win out! That means no more uncomfy bras, actually you're pregnant so you can definitely ditch them and enjoy the freedom!

At 12:35 AM , Blogger I LOVE YOU said...



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