Monday, April 30, 2007

Hello bloggerworld people! It’s a gorgeous day here in Nebraska minus the bit of wind we have. The only reason we have any wind is because I wore my hair down today. Mother Nature gets great delight in making me look like a big sheep dog and blowing my hair around and up into a tangled mess. Others get great enjoyment out of this as well. :P

Not much has been going on my way. The Hubby and I had our ultrasound last Wednesday and it’s pretty positive we’re having a girl. Yay! I’ll be happy either way as long as it’s healthy, but I was hoping for a girl. But on the downside I now also have gestational diabetes. I should hopefully return to normal after the baby is born and it’s no huge deal at the moment but it’s annoying. I’ve never been good at having to count calories and such when it comes to my diet. Now with this I have to count my carbs. But so far I have been doing pretty good with it. As long as I can keep my blood sugar under control with my diet I won’t have to give myself insulin shots. Which is an extremely good thing since I hate needles. I don’t care for other people sticking them in me much less having to do it myself. I have to test my blood sugar four times a day right now which requires me to poke my finger for the blood sample, and that is quite enough. It doesn’t really hurt, it’s just the whole needle thing. That and my fingers are all getting a bit sore from it. I’m hoping they will cut it back to testing may 2-3 times a day instead after my Dr.’s appt. on Wednesday. We shall see.

I have already gotten my first sunburn of the year over the weekend. I am an extremely fair skinned person and I burn almost immediately, then it fades and I got back to being white. There is usually no tan anywhere in that equation. But this one wasn’t too bad and I got sunscreen on before it got any worse, so now today I’m a slight rosy color with a small tell tale possibility of a tan coming out of this. The Hubby and I worked on our flower beds in front of our house on Saturday. They were rather scary before and I’m sure plenty of my neighbors would attest to that. But now they have red cedar mulch in them with pretty flower pots and statues arranged in them. It’s amazing how much different it made my house look. It’s wonderful!!

Well, I guess that catches me up on the thing that is my exciting life. :P I’m sure I could think of more things to put down, but I’d better get back to working. TTFN!


At 4:28 PM , Blogger Honey said...

yay for girls!

At 9:02 PM , Anonymous coyotemike said...

Told ya so on the girl-baby part. And I know I said that before, but I like to gloat :P


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