Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hello! I will attempt to make this post make sense to everyone but there are no guarantees. It’s been a long hectic week with appointments, meetings, work, practices and kitchen remodeling. On top of it all of the dust from our kitchen remodel have wreaked havoc with my sinus and I feel a bit under the weather today. I’ve tried to fall asleep at my desk numerous times today. I hate that groggy feeling.

Anyway, the Husband and I had our first Lamaze class on Monday night. It went okay. Would have been better if my sugar levels would have been behaving and I would have felt better. It also would have helped if the teaches hadn’t felt the need to go into the details that basically freak me out. I thought it’d be a few classes before we’d watch that whole birth video and talk about some other stuff but I was wrong. First thing we did was watch the video. Honestly, I could have gone my entire life without seeing some other woman give birth. I’m a woman, I’m pregnant, I know how I got pregnant and I have a pretty good idea of how babies are born. I didn’t need to see it!! Icky. The other issue they gave us too much information on was epidurals. Don’t get me wrong I plan on having one I just could have gone without knowing how they do them until I’m ready to have mine. Now for those of you who don’t know…I HATE NEEDLES!! I also have back problems and am a bit touchy when it comes to my back. Having someone explain that I will have not just one but two needles stuck in my back just makes me woozy. Especially when I see pictures. I know you don’t really feel anything, but still some person is going to be routing around my spinal column with two needles and a small catheter. Makes me a bit nervous. It also didn’t help that good ol Teach herself went into great detail the things that can go wrong with epidurals. I didn’t want to know!!! This didn’t help me any other than make me nauseous. Because most of the things that can go wrong with the epidural will include more needles to make them better. Ugh. I know it’s not as bad as it seems and blah blah blah, but still for me right now ignorance is bliss. I do much better with these types of things when I don’t have the time to think about them or back out. But that’s just me.

But on a brighter note I have found an entertaining game to play with the baby. Basically I poke around on my stomach and feel her kick back at me. Now I am sure this is much more enjoyable for me than her. I’m sure she wishes that I’d leave her alone and let her rest or do whatever she’s doing. But I want to play. I’m still getting used to the fact that I have living thing growing inside of me. Even when I feel her kick it’s still a weird thing to comprehend. It will be even weirder when she’s actually born. It’s kind of freaky that I’m going to be a mom. I am going to be responsible for this tiny human being. Up to this point I’ve taken care of animals and my step son. But as far as Little Guy goes he’s not a baby (even though he may act like it at times :P). I haven’t ever really been around babies much in my life. I’m hoping I don’t break her. This is where I’m glad the Husband is around. He’s done the baby thing twice and is good with them. It’s a great comfort to know he’s there to help me. Granted I’m sure those times will arise that I will be annoyed with him for knowing so much, but I am glad he is there. Throughout my pregnancy he has been wonderful and taken very good care of me and done a really good job of making me feel beautiful. In the past I haven’t always painted him in the best light as a person but for the past 6 or 7 months I’ve been reminded of the many wonderful qualities he has and that I really love him. I’ve been amazed at the things he has tried to work on because he loves me. I’ve written before that he has a temper but he has done a wonderful job of not losing it. Which is a miracle in itself since he has to deal with pregnant me. I mean I can push buttons when I’m not hormonal I can just imagine what I’m like now. LOL I just feel very lucky to have him. A lot of my problems before came when I listened to what everyone else thought I should do. I listened to them so much I didn’t sit back to think or feel what I did. When I finally took the time to do that and sit down and talk with my Husband everything made much better sense and I’m much happier now. I know there are still people out there who don’t like him that much (Mike) and stuff but he does make me happy and I love him very much.


At 10:10 PM , Blogger huniii said...

Way too many people will try and freak you out way too much. Our prenatal class teacher handed around an epidural needle so we could all see it and feel it and realise exactly how big it is. I decided then and there I wasnt gunna have that poked in me. Of course I DID, AND it was during some major contractions where being told to hold "extremely still" was an idiotic request. The best advice I ever got? There wasnt much, but here you go:

1. No matter what you try and do to make it better/plan for it/prepare/whatever, your labour will happen however it happens, and theres really nothing you or anyone else can do to change it. That includes taking aromatherapy oil/comfy pillows etc with you, as well as horro stories other women feel the need to share with you a week before your due.
2. The only exception to this is pelvic floor excersises and massaging the perennium(sic), although if you end up with a ceaserian their kinda pointless LOL
3. There will come a point in your labour where, as my mother said "you could be naked with your legs spread on prime time TV and you wouldnt care".
4. When its over its over. It takes how long it takes and then its done. You do forget how bad it is fairly quickly. Thats what makes mothers have a second one - they forgot how bad it was. Plus you get a prize at the end.

I wont lie to you - its not fun. Its scary, mostly coz you dont know what to expect, and have no control over it at all. The only thing you can do is accept that you cant control it/change it, and ride it out. Dont let people freak you. Just be as healthy and well rested as possible (ha ha ha) and we'll see you on the other side.

And seeing as Ive been so nice, I should probably balance it out with the fact that really, the labour is only a couple of days of hell at most, youve got 18 odd years of hell after that!


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