Friday, June 29, 2007

Anybody want to trade me feet? Mine are so swollen right now it’s not even funny. I know a lot of it is a combination of being pregnant and my gestational diabetes, but I want it to go away even a little. From my ankles down I look like I’ve badly sprained both of them. They’re icky looking and I don’t like it. They also hurt. I have tried keeping them up, soaking them etc. and not much is helping.  I am also drinking plenty of fluids. Anyone have any other remedies for me short of giving birth?

I also have a foot that is perpetually stuck in my rib cage lately. Both baby and I are running out of room. :P It’s only 6 more weeks until she’s here and I think she will be ready for it. I’m sure it has to be just as uncomfortable in there for her as it is for me. Everyone be sure to pop over (if you already haven’t) and congratulate Coyote Mike on his new nephew. I think the farther I get along and the more babies I see the more odd everything seems to me. It’s amazing to me that those little people fit inside of our bodies and come out where they do. Hubby still won’t let me look at some of our birthing books that show the whole dilation thing and stuff. I think it’s secretly because it gets to him too. LOL

Speaking of babies, we have baby kittens outside that are 5 weeks old. I had been hoping that they were still alive. Our outside kitty, Little Kitty (original name I know) had them one weekend when we were gone and we hadn’t heard or seen anything of them. But finally about a week and a half ago she brought them up to the front of the house where we feed her. They spend their days lounging in the safety of my rose hedge with her and their two older siblings from her last litter, Spike and Rosie. I am in the process of trying to tame them down. The Hubby caught the little black and white one the other night and I was able to hold it for a little bit. Since then the kittens have become more curious about us and don’t run away from us as far as they did at first. Plus it helps that they can watch their mama and siblings get loves from us and like it. Plus we are the keepers of the food. Although this morning I think we had a minor set back with two of them.

When the Hubby and I got up this morning we let the big dogs out and they started going nuts and barking over by one of the bushes in the back yard. We figured it was a snake so the Hubby went out and put them in their kennel and proceeded to poke around by the bush with a shovel. I went on about my business getting ready and the next thing I know the Hubby comes in and his finger is bleeding. Well he starts talking about whatever it was being really aggressive. I was still thinking it had been a snake and wasn’t understanding why he put his hand down by it to get bit. Then finally our two conversations met up and made sense. It was one of the stripped kittens that was in the bush. He picked her up to take her around front to be with her mama and she bit him. I can’t believe something that tiny that weighs mere ounces could draw that much blood with those itty bitty teeth. So I disinfected his hand and headed off to work.

Well after I left our mini dachshund Charlie had another one cornered in another part of the back yard. This one was less combative though and made it out front with the rest of them. I’m hoping this doesn’t set us back with taming them down but maybe now they will understand the back yard is the dogs place. Our dogs are good with cats since we have our indoor kitties, but 80 pound dogs and ½ pound kittens don’t necessarily mix that well.

But enough about my wildlife for this post. Back to work I go!!


At 9:03 AM , Blogger Drama Queen said...

I think the discomfort has to be natures why of making sure you want to push the melon out. If you weren't uncomfortable and it was all quite cosy and snug then you wouldn't want to be facing the prospective of childbirth now would you? Well, of course, there’s the reward of the baby. . . .Hell what would I know. . .


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