Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Finished Post

Okay I think I finally have a few minutes here to put up a post. I’ve started many in the past couple of days but I get interrupted here at work (damn them for thinking I should do my job :P) so I don’t get them finished.

Nothing overly exciting has been happening lately. Today we have a heat wave of 46 degrees F. It’s amazing how warm that can feel after having so many below zero days. It’s sad really. And this tropical weather is finally melting a lot of the snow and ice that has stayed here for weeks on end. But of course we supposedly have snow in the forecast tomorrow. I blame this on my step-dad it’s his birthday tomorrow. And I can guarantee rain or snow on March 9th. That’s my Dad’s birthday and it has never failed to be crappy weather on that day.

Work has been hectic lately with people that can’t seem to figure out how to get a job and pay their own bills. It’s been a long week already and it’s only Tuesday. People like that just wear me out and test my patience which is very thin lately due to those lovely pregnancy hormones. I have done pretty good about my mood swings but I’ve had quite a few in the past couple of days. I would have fewer if people weren’t such idiots. But I don’t see that getting any better in the near future. The baby is doing well. It’s starting to feel more like a bat flapping around than a butterfly. It especially likes to start up right after I have eaten. I think my stomach infringes upon its little space. So far it’s been very active I’m almost scared to see what it’s like when it starts getting bigger.

I actually watched most of the super bowl on Sunday. One of my team mates from pool league invited us all over for food and the game. I took the Husband and Little Guy with me so they could finally meet everyone from the team. We had a pretty good time until Little Guy decided to act like a devil child and throw a fit. We didn’t even make it to half time. But of course he straightened up right away after we left. I think the baby was even kicking at him while I was carrying him back upstairs when he started in. Needless to say he got in heap big trouble and lost TV privileges for a couple of days. I have decided he has hit his terrible twos about 4 years late. Oh well, keeps us on our toes I guess.

Well off to clean my desk some more. Hope everyone is doing well!!


At 1:49 PM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

I thought you was gonna update my link, ya brat!!!!

At 6:39 AM , Blogger Mr. Guinness said...

Well if the Patriots had gotten in the Superbowl I'd have been doing fine, but ...maybe next year. I just sat home and watched it until I dozed off, another ho-hum game.
Glad alls well for you stay warm, it's even been cold enough for my leather jacket here in Florida! ANDS worse yet "snowbirds" from Minnasota and Michigan complaining about our temperatures!
I ain't shoveling, I don't own "boots", and so far no diagnosis of frostbite! Life don't get any better!


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