Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm Not Dead

Hello everyone. No I did not die. Ice storms and absolutely no energy have befuddled my computer time. But I am here at this moment so I will try to publish some form of a post.

For some reason today I have been thinking about a blevy of different things. It all started at lunch. I heard the song by Darrel Worley “Have You Forgotten?” it’s about 9-11. Oddly enough, maybe it was the hormones, but I felt more for the people killed back then today than I ever did before. I got to thinking of what it would have been like to be there going through all of that. Then it got me to thinking of the complete idiocy that led to that day. In my mind all of the world’s conflicts can usually be traced back to one thing…well two. One: Religion and Two: Difference of opinions/choice. Now I have studied many different cultures and religions and the one thing I have always found is that most of the world worships the exact same thing/God. We give “God” a different name, face, beginning etc. but in the end we all believe in a higher power (besides those people out there that don’t think there’s a higher power). The difference of opinions comes with the fact that everyone thinks they’re “God” is better than everyone else’s “God”. These differences are even found within the same religions. It just seems completely idiotic to me that nobody can seem to grasp this fact. And nobody can seem to grasp the fact that it is okay to be different. The “Gods” truly made it interesting by giving us freedom of choice.

Okay well those were part of my thoughts from yesterday. Whatever other “deep” thoughts I might have been having are now gone into oblivion. I am now back to the simple thoughts of “I hope I don’t get sick” and that the cherry cheesecake I saw down in the clerk’s office looks really good. I do not understand why pregnant women have to lose their minds. I didn’t have much of one before but now I’m really bad. LOL

Actually this morning I did get to thinking about something other than food on my way to work. I got to thinking about the past. It is so funny how we let our pasts affect us in the now. So many of us let our pasts haunt us and we constantly compare the past to the present. This is completely unfair to ourselves and anyone around us in the end. So many times we tend to remember the past the way we want to instead of the way it actually was. Granted sometimes the past was really that good but most times if you’re really truthful with yourself the past really actually wasn’t that great all the time. If most people are like me, when you remember something about your past you remember the good things and you keep the bad things locked away in a tiny box and lose the key. But lately I have found that forcing that locked away box open can be a really good thing. If you allow yourself to open that locked away box you realize how much you need to quit comparing past to present and just live for the day. You realize you have to let yourself be who you are now and take people for what they are at this time. Everything changes and as creatures of habit that is always hard for us to remember.

So there you have some more deep thoughts. Or as deep as my thoughts can get :P But I think I smell smoke from thinking so hard so I’d better get to work :D I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years and stuff!! I had a great birthday trip, didn’t win any big money at the casino but that was okay, I didn’t really lose any either. I still don’t feel 23 though.


At 2:58 PM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

I wondered what all that smoke to the south was. I thought it was a huge bonfire, but I guess twas just your thinkings.

I've been thinking about religion alot lately, too. Mostly religions annoy me, but not for the same reasons that bother alot of people. Mine is more on how humans have screwed things up.

Consider the early Christian church. The leaders were whoever's house they were meeting at. They were married. They were WOMEN. And it wasn't some highly formalized ritual or anything. It was a dinner-party. Yes, they prayed, and yes they talked about Jesus and all that. But it was a gathering for fellowship and common friendship. Then the Romans got ahold of it, added all the rituals from their paganism and everyone else's paganism, turned the whole thing militant, and fucked up the future. How much better would it have been if it had stayed simple? No palaces, no Crusades, no Inquisition (nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!). Just peace, harmony, acceptance, equality, and love. I once saw a comic online of Jesus walking down a street full of religions vying for funds and followers. He looks around, then yells out "Which part of 'Love Thy Neighbor' didn't you understand?!?"

And now my back hurts. Come rub it.

At 12:02 AM , Blogger Amber said...

Happy belated birthday! You and my mom, one of my grandpas, and my baby cousin that passed away when he was 15 days old all share a birthday.

If you read the story of Jonah, you will find that when the storm came upon them, they all started praying to their "gods." Then they found out that Jonah was responsible for the calamity that was upon them and asked him who he was, where he was from, and who his God was. When he told them that it was the Lord God Almighty - they were terrified in their hearts. Because they knew that Jonah's God was the one true God.

I think it's okay for people to have different ways of worshipping God. Some people can't abide by the Catholic church's strict rules and what-not. Others can't abide by how relaxed and free the Pentecostals practice. And speaking in tounges scares the majority of most people.

But bottom line: there is one true God. He is the creator of the universe and mankind - He is responsible for every thing you see. And even science has proven it; although they'll never admit it.

I can't remember what it's called - it's smaller than even an atom. But they broke it down and it was made of a sound wave. All matter (everything around us) is made of matter. It makes sense it's created out of a sound wave given the fact that God SPOKE the world into existance.

I guess I'm just saying that there's a lot of "dressing" on religion. Wear dresses to church or don't. Wear make-up or don't. Get up and down in a ritual 14x a service or don't. Find a church you're comfortable in. The important thing is that you're in one. And as long as their beliefs are Bible-based (i.e. they believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul, love your neighbor as yourself, etc.) then it really doesn't matter how your practice it. Your personal walk with God is far more important than what denomination (or not) you go by.

And now I will step off my soap box. That's just my opinion on things. :)

Glad to see an update finally!!

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At 12:23 AM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

You say you're not dead, and then you disappear. WAKE UP!!!

At 10:39 AM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

Post something or I'm going to come shave off all your body hair with an old-fashioned straight razor.

At 12:35 AM , Blogger I LOVE YOU said...



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