Friday, December 29, 2006


Good day all!! It is a very wet a dreary day here. We’re supposed to have rain/freezing rain for at least the next two days with possible snow. I wouldn’t mind it just skipping to the snow part. I hate freezing rain, but on the up side it is New Years weekend and I have a four day weekend. It was originally only a three day weekend but they gave us an extra day in memorial of President Ford. Sadly enough, I the history buff had to actually look up President Ford to read about him. He was one of those that we didn’t really learn about in school and I wasn’t one for paying much attention when it came to presidents anyway. But he wasn’t a bad president from what I’ve read and listened to. Plus the man survived two assassination attempts within three weeks of each other. Granted this was mainly because on the first attempt the woman hadn’t loaded the bullet into the chamber properly and the second because the lady missed…badly…thanks to a disabled U.S. Marine. They were interesting stories. But I’m sure it no doubt made the man a tad leery of the female population for a while.

Speaking of historical things. DO NOT RENT “The Black Dahlia”. It is terrible. I have read about and followed the Black Dahlia story for a while and this movie is completely off base. Hell it’s at least 45 minutes into the movie before they attempt to delve into the Black Dahlia murder. I kept asking the Husband during the beginning if he had rented the correct movie. Then even after they finally got to the murder they had about 4 other story offshoots from that plot. It was almost like having Rose from the Golden Girls trying to tell the story. The acting isn’t much better either oddly enough with the star studded cast it has. I’m not sure what the director was thinking but if I were him I would come up with something to redeem myself…and fast.

But aside from my movie review not much has gone on this week. Christmas went well. The Husband loves his Nintendo DS I got him and so do I. I bought the New Super Mario Brothers game and we are both hooked. I might have to go buy another one for myself. :P Little Guy went to spend time with his Nana, his grandmother on his real mother’s side. Unfortunately he I suspect had to see his mother but it wasn’t for long and he enjoyed being with his Nana and Big Grandpa. The Husband just went and picked him up today. Other than being tired he seems to be in a good mood. They were headed up to get his hair cut. He always gets a bit shaggy this time of year. Also this week my doctor finally nailed down a due date for me. Which I had done online quite a few weeks ago. But my due date as of now is August 8th. Baby is doing fine; it has a little heartbeat of 142beats/min. I am doing okay as well. Still a bit nauseous and I get sick from time to time but at least that means things are going the way they are supposed to this time. But I suppose this is enough of my ramblings for one post. I’m hoping maybe over the weekend I can get out a short story or something, we will have to see. Happy New Year Everyone!!


At 3:23 AM , Blogger Amber said...

I'm so glad to hear that baby, mom, and the rest of the clan are doing so well!!

And thanks for the heads up about the Dahlila movie. I'm not really into "scary" movies; especially when they're based on real life because it freaks me out that much more... but that one was piquing my interest.

And what the hell? Leah, my Psycho Ex-Roommate, her due date is August 8th. And another girl I know is due July 30th. And, well, everyone just seems to be due around that time. It's either something in the water... or what y'all are doing to keep warm, haha.

Congratulations though!! I think seven months or so is enough time for me to learn how to knit and make some booties. Uhm, on second thought, maybe you could just register somewhere online? lol

At 1:28 PM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

Happy New Year. And video games are a waste of brain cells.

At 11:41 AM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

have you fallen down?

At 12:15 PM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

Happy Late Birthday n Stuff. Hope you had cake. If not, we should go have cake.

mmmmm, cake.

At 2:56 PM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Princess: Thanks for the Congrats and etc.!!

Mike: I've sprained my ankle but haven't fallen down. Just been out of internet connection for a little while and stuff. Will talk to you one of these days though. Thanks for the Happy Birthday. We will have to go out for cake. I didn't have any birthday cake, but I got birthday brownies :P yummy


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