Sunday, November 05, 2006

Heaveyweight Championship of the World

I despise Shannon Briggs!!! For those of you who do not follow boxing I will explain. Shannon Briggs is the guy that "beat" George Foreman into retirement. Back then Shannon Briggs hadn't even really started his career. He was a scrawny(for a heavyweight) asthmatic that could not fight. But yet he "won" the fight because Foreman made the mistake before entering the ring by saying if he lost this fight he would retire for good. So there starts the "career" of Shannon Briggs. Ever since that match I have been so disgusted that I haven't bothered to watch Briggs fight again. I've kept up on his stats and those irritate me. He has not earned his stats they have all been handed to him. This happened yet again last night the only difference is that Briggs has beefed up quite a bit.

Last night was a fight for the heavyweight championship of the world. Sergei Liakhovich was the World Heavyweight Championship holder until last night. I got in on the fight 3 rounds in. They still had nine to go. Now heavyweight fights are either very exciting or very boring. This one was pretty boring. Briggs still sucked at fighting and Liakhovich was just doing the minimum he had to to win on the score cards. Round by round Briggs asthma kept catching up to him. Every round his hands would drop lower and lower. I could have knocked his ass out his hands were so low. He was wide open!! Yet Liakhovich didn't take advantage of it at all. Then it came down to the final round, round 12. Liakhovich was taking any of the blows Briggs threw at him like they were nothing. And that's what they were, nothing. No power or technique behind them at all. 30 seconds were left and Briggs "knocks" Liakhovich down. Liakhovich gets back up and he's fine. Briggs "knocks" him out of the ring with punches that didn't even connect!!! Liakhovich lands on the judges table sits up and just sits there for about 10 minutes looking like the most humiliated man in the world. He looks like a man that was made to throw this fight. He wasn't hurt, he wasn't even dazed. Meanwhile Brigss being the ass he is is just talking himself and Don King up like there's no tomorrow. Repeatedly interrupting the commentator to talk more mindless drivel. Liakhovich finally makes it back into the ring. Now for somebody who supposedly got hit so hard to be knocked out of the ring his eyes are amazingly clear. He has a look of almost pure hatred on his face while he looks at Briggs. As the commentator tries to talk to Liakhovich Briggs interrupts again and basically disses the Russian fighters and starts talking about himself all over again.

I hate Shannon Briggs and anybody who fixes a fight!!! For this one I will blame Don King. I have always thought he was as crooked as can be and so have many many other people and fighters. But maybe now that Briggs has finally made it to the top and his only choice is to go down it will finally happen. The only other thing out of the entire night that disgusted me was to learn that George Foreman took Briggs under his wing and has been helping to train him. It was a sad night.


At 2:08 PM , Blogger Drunken Chud said...

i so missed that fight. time to find the clips on teh intarwebs.

At 2:50 PM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Chud: You didn't miss much. Pissed me off like no other and it probably didn't help that I'd been drinking all night either :P

At 11:23 PM , Blogger Rocky Mountain Princess said...

Suvvy: Sorry that Shannon Briggs sucks such big donkey balls.


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