Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Doesn't it Feel Like Friday?

Well my brain is sucked dry for stories at the moment. Or at least short ones. I actually have a story I have been working on but it will be quite lengthy and may even turn into a novel. So God only knows if anyone will ever see it. :P Does anyone else feel like it should be Friday? I do! But I think it should be Friday everyday. Someday I will have to find a job I truly enjoy. Somewhere I can work my own hours. I’m thinking of a bar/bookstore/martial arts studio. Think there’s a market? LOL Don’t get me wrong I love helping our nations veterans but the VA is complete shit to deal (I’m employed by the county and help vets apply for VA benefits. So I am NOT part of the VA.) with and I am not crazy about small offices to some extent. I think it’s because I worry about everything if I have to be gone.

The real Friday of this week will be a hard one. It’s the memorial service for Clara my substitute grandmother. It will be weird seeing her family and not her. With everything that has happened to me over the past month or so I think I might actually cry in public. I am a very emotional person but I absolutely detest crying and such in public. I’m a blubbering idiot at home and stuff but in public I prefer to “look” strong. I doubt it works very well and probably comes off more like I’m an insensitive ass but that’s just me. I think I got that from my dad. But at least I deal with it at some point he just locks it away and ignores it. But Friday will be hard.

Today I had to take my little dachshund Charlie to the vet. He had been getting sick for a couple of days and hasn’t been eating so I got him in. They think it’s just something gastrointestinal and gave me some medicine for him and said to keep him away from food for today. It will give his stomach time to rest. Of course now that I’ve subjected him to the vet I will have to do something for a treat for him. I swear I feel more for animals than people. :P Well…most people. Anybody want any kittens? My Little Kitty outside is going to have another litter soon. I am getting her fixed after this! I was going to get her fixed after the last batch but I was too late and I hate getting animals fixed when they’re pregnant. I think it’s mean. Plus it can have a completely bad effect on their temperament. If I can catch the two kittens that are left out of her last litter I have a home for them. A lady needs a couple of cats for her barn and they would absolutely love that. Plus with all of these cats outside (there’s Thomas, Little Kitty, two kittens, 3 other tomcats and Little Kitty’s Mother) I have officially turned into the cat lady of the neighborhood. I don’t think my neighbors like it but piss on them. I have snooty neighbors and one set of racist Mexican neighbors that don’t speak English. And they’re the nice ones. I want a new house in the country where I can have some privacy. Maybe someday. I can dream. Speaking of dreaming I’d better snap back into reality and get back to work. Hope everyone has a wonderful day, night morning or whatever it is wherever you are!


At 3:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 3:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 4:42 PM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

woohoo, you got spammed!!!

Seriously, move with me to Oregon. I'm trying to get Amber to go too. We could all rent a house outside of town, I could have a garden, we could all write, and shoes would be outlawed.

At 8:53 AM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Outlawying shoes sounds good. And hush about the spam I erased it twice before you posted. :P You garden?

At 9:02 AM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

I love to garden, when I have the space. Tis a bit difficult in my kitchen, but I think there are things growing in my shower

At 9:19 AM , Blogger Faris said...

this is little funny, for past three days, i've been writing a story, and it involves nothing but cats. hhhmm...maybe i'll ask you for a advice or two, regarding their behaviours.

At 11:06 AM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Faris: Cats are things I know about rather well. Have had at least one ever since I was a baby.

Mike: You oughta see my shower :P

At 2:08 PM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

And I thought you were behaving yourself.


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