Tuesday, November 14, 2006


She sat there studying him. She had been introduced to him five weeks ago when she joined the pool team but had yet to have a real conversation with him. There was something about him that intrigued her. She replayed their first meeting over and over in her mind. It had been a long time since she had seen that look in someone’s eyes. She didn’t think anyone would ever look at her like that again. But he had, and in that one instant he had captivated her. Since that day she’d spent her time thinking of him and having completely tantalizing daydreams. She wanted more but there seemed to be so many obstacles in the way. The biggest one was to actual talk to him and see if her intuition was right. But every time she was around him she turned into a mute idiot. She had tried so hard not to start falling but she had. And she wasn’t one to fall very often or very quickly. The last time she had fallen like this was with Paul.

She missed Paul terribly even after all this time but meeting Jason had completely taken her mind off of him. She felt incredibly silly for falling for a guy she didn’t even know. But something told her that there was just something about him. She promised herself that the next weekend she would have a plan or would at least talk to him.

The next weekend she spent forever getting ready to go. She wanted to look as good as possible for his enjoyment and hers. Her confidence was always better when she knew she looked good. Her make-up went on perfect and she was finally able to slip into a pair of her old jeans thanks to her new diet. She got into her car put in her newly burned cd and headed for the pool hall. The entire way there she thought of witty comments and good conversation starters. When she arrived she was excited but cool and collected, until…she walked in and saw him. He looked at her the minute she walked through the door and the butterflies in her stomach turned into miniature airplanes and she suddenly had the walking ability of a newborn giraffe. After thankfully making it over to where everyone was she quickly sat down.

She hadn’t smoked in a long time but since meeting him she had started up again to calm her nerves. But for once she knew the guy wouldn’t mind. He smoked himself and chewed on occasion too. The chewing she wasn’t so crazy about but she was relieved that for once she wouldn’t be lectured constantly like Paul used to do. As she lit her cigarette she could feel him looking at her. She stole a quick look in his direction and confirmed it. Her face blushed to a deep red and her blood flow increased.

She took another long drag to calm her nerves. She sat quietly in her seat pretending to be engulfed with the current match. Every few minutes she’d cautiously look over at him. Finally at one point when she did this she was met by his gaze. Their eyes locked and she thought she would pass out. It had been a long time since she’d done the flirting thing and she was now convinced that she had lost her ability to do so completely. The night seemed to drag on. But she didn’t mind, she liked being in his presence. She continued to try to calm her nerves enough to talk to him. The one point where she finally had decided to make the attempt it was his turn to play and she didn’t want to distract him. After that time the night just flew by and she didn’t have any other opportunities to try. She didn’t want to seem too obvious in front of everyone else, that’s part of what made her so nervous.

All of the matches were over for their team and people started to leave. Disappointed she went up to the bar ordered a beer and found herself an empty table to practice on. As she bent low over the table to try a bank shot she had been working on she felt someone adjust the way she was holding her pool cue. Then a deep sensual voice spoke softly in her ear “You should be able to make it now.” As he finished the sentence he softly grazed her ear with his lips. Goose bumps rose up all over her body and she felt like she would explode. It was him! Had he really just done that? She couldn’t believe it so she glanced over her shoulder and sure enough there he stood. His brown eyes gazing intently almost wantonly at her. She gave a nervous smile and turned her attention back to the shot. She hit the cue ball and made the shot perfectly. “Thank God” she thought. She was glad she hadn’t screwed it up.

She turned around and faced him. He smiled at her and took a step closer. He was now directly in front of her. She could feel the heat from his body radiating all over her. She looked up into his eyes and all doubt vanished. He did want her; he wanted her as much if not more as she wanted him. The silence started to feel a bit awkward to her. She had to think of something to say but her mind was numb. Finally in a very shaky voice she managed to croak out “Hi.” He chuckled, a deep sexy chuckle that made her knees go week. “Hi” he breathed back.

Then slowly he raised a hand and caressed her cheek sliding it back to the nape of her neck. Gently he pulled her towards him and their lips met. Stars were all she could see behind her closed eyes. His lips were soft and warm and inviting. He kissed her softly at first then more passionately as she returned the kiss. His other hand slid around her waist and pulled her closer. She thought she was absolutely going to die from ecstasy. Never before had she been kissed that way. That was what she had been missing before. It was more than a spark it was fireworks. Real fireworks like she had always dreamed of.


At 3:45 PM , Blogger Faris said...

I like it when girls caress my cheeks when we kiss, I like to fondle their hair, hehe...well, this one sure looks like fireworks.

You wrote this: newly burned cd...lotsa burning here - cds, eyes, hearts, kisses.

Nice story. The start kinda felt little slow, but boy, the hot kiss rectified everything.

Don't you think Paul's a boring name? No wonder the girl left him.

At 9:41 AM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Faris: LOL, yes I do think Paul is a boring name. I have a terrible time coming up with good names when I write sometimes. It's sucks. This was kind of pieced together over a few days. Kept getting interrupted when I was working on it so I'd lose my train of though.

At 2:59 PM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

Ahh, if only reality worked like stories, eh?


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