Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Transporter II

Well still not much to write on today. Life has been pretty uneventful the past few days. Which by all means is okay with me, it keeps me out of trouble. :P Didn’t do a whole lot last night. Little Guy threw another major fit when I picked him up from daycare. I think he’s hitting his terrible twos about 3 years late. Oh well it’s rather funny to watch him throw his fits sometimes. I don’t let myself get angry with him, it wouldn’t help anything. But I ate a Hot Pocket for supper. And we watched a good movie…The Transporter II. It’s not much for a huge plot but the fight scenes are awesome. Jackie Chan started a whole new era when he began making his movies and so many actors are carrying on with it.

Now that I’ve seen the Transporter II I have to see the first one. The guy that stars in them (I have forgotten his name) plays a rather intriguing character. He goes by the name Frank has a British accent but yet is an ex Special Forces member for the U.S. The movie originally starts off with him being a driver for a wealthy family. Then of course the little boy gets abducted, Frank has to go save him, bad guys frame Frank….but…..there’s an underlaying plot besides the whole kidnapping thing. The bad guys inject the little boy with a deadly virus and leave him where he’s easily found by the police and his family. His father is some big wig businessman that makes a butt load of money and works with the government sometimes. So anyone who comes into contact with the little boy will get sick and die. Basically germ warfare but on a smaller scale due to the fact the bad guy is only trying to make money. He is the only one who has the anecdote and will sell to the highest bidder. So then ultimately Frank has to chase the bad guy down to get the anecdote and saves the day. Like I said it doesn’t have a huge plot and has many holes in the plot but the action is amazing. I want this guy’s car he drives. It’s an armor plated Audi. This car is sweet! If you can’t tell I love action movies and cars. Hence that is why I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, studied Ryuku Kempo Karate with a Navy Seal and drive an ’05 Mustang ( and we will overlook the fact that I’m out of shape :P). But if you like action or cars this is a good movie to watch.


At 12:17 PM , Blogger Faris said...

A Black Belt! wow..impressive. I better watch out what I'm blabbering to you then. Out of shape or not, I can't handle a kirate kid. Out of my league. I'm more of a tennis player. I love rock climbing too. But only done indoors.

I watch for the fourth time - You and me and everyone I love - last on Saturday. This completely different from Transporter. Try it. You'll fall in love with the plot and the theme. It's such a sweet movie.

At 1:13 PM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

You have me beat on the tennis thing. It's fun to try to play but I spend more time chasing the ball out of bounds than anything. I would probably enjoy rock climbing if I wasn't afraid of heights.

I am anxious to see the first Transporter. I was reading about it earlier and it sounds just as good as the first one. I'm hoping they will be a third since they left that opening at the end of the last one.

At 4:45 PM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

I just figured he was a member of the British Special Forces (aka the SAS, who's final test for acceptance is to drop the guy in the middle of scotland with no supplies and a destination to get to. Then they send several full SAS guys after him, capture him, torture him, and if he doesn't give up, he gets in)


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