Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Day Yesterday :(

Well I hope everyone had a good day yesterday. Mine could have been better. I wrote in my previous post yesterday of how my morning started off…well….I would have preferred to fast forward through the rest of the day. I’ll start with where I left off in the morning. The rest of my morning and lunch hour went okay. Nothing exciting or irritating really happened. I thought maybe I had shaken the jinx I’d had on myself for the day. Boy was I wrong! After my I got back from lunch and the co-worker went for hers the Boss called me into his office. This he does on a frequent basis sometimes just to make sure everything is going alright. Well the past couple of times it’s to give me what he would call “constructive criticism”. Yesterday was no different. Now mind you the Boss is a reformed alcoholic that has a very compulsive and controlling personality. He is a great person and for the most part a good boss but there are times where you wonder why and how people like him get into being the “Boss”. He is very brunt and speaks his mind without the worry of how it affects people sometimes. It’s on of his quirks.

So I get into his office and he tells me that he has a couple of issues he wants to discuss with me about my behavior at the office. Now for those I don’t know the office consists of the Boss, the Co-Worker and Myself, that’s it. So it is a small office and can get rather stuffy at times…especially when you all don’t get along some days. Well, the first issue the Boss brings up is….I need to quit talking to Co-Worker so much about my personal life. The Co-Worker and I haven’t always gotten along the greatest, but we’ve been getting along great the past couple of weeks. We just chit chat here and there about her grandkid and I talk about Little Guy. Nothing major and not that often. We don’t talk any more than her and the lady that was here before me. But the Boss seems to be thinking I am talking too much and taking too much of her time up. So he has set a “limit” on this.

Secondly, he told me that he doesn’t like me laughing all the time. He has brought this issue up about three times now. He supposedly feels like I laugh too much and it has now graduated from bothersome to him to extremely annoying. Now on the laughing bit, I love to laugh; I love to make people laugh. Everyday I deal with widows who have lost their husbands and veterans that have PTSD. These are people who usually welcome a little light heartedness and thank me for it. I never, ever take it too far nor will I ever do that. But now the Boss doesn’t like it and says he thinks it screams that I’m insecure and afraid of something. Some people should not be allowed to study psychology. So that was my fun discussion time with the Boss. I will admit he is very professional when he discusses these things and does not intend for them to be offensive. But when you want me to change who I am on a whim it does not set well. Of course I bit my tongue and kept my mouth shut. But I think he was well aware of the feelings I have towards the issues. My feelings boil down to this: He told me I am doing my job well and the veterans like me very well. He wants me to change these issues because he doesn’t like them and they annoy him. I have decided I will become a recluse and speak when I am spoken to and just stay in my little office and do my little job. I am hoping my position will open up down in Minden where I live at the courthouse in the next year or so that way I can work where I live and still do a job I like. But time will tell on that one.

So after the talk with the Boss my afternoon was long and uneventful. I didn’t mind the uneventful part but I was ready for the day to be over. When it finally was I went with Mom up to Menards to get some things I need for the house projects I have going. That was a pretty good time. Then the Husband calls when he gets off of work and sounded somewhat irritated that I was still in town and hadn’t picked Little Guy up from daycare. We both got back to Minden around the same time so I went and helped him get Little Guy from daycare. Which there I must say he was much better last night then the day before. He didn’t throw one fit and came home rather peacefully.

But I found out a short time later that was all because he was saving his fits up for when we got home. This in turn put the Husband in a bad mood, which made me uneasy and tense. And thus ended the Husband being calm, receptive and caring towards me after our talk last week. I figured it would last long. I don’t know why I can only predict bad things. :P So after the Husband snapped at me once I didn’t feel like spending any time with him. I went outside and played fetch with Chloe and Zoë, read Coyote Mike’s story on his blog and pretty much just went to bed after that. Thank God my day was over then. The survey is still out on how today is going to go. I’m not expecting a great wonderful day, I’ll just be happy with an easy uneventful one. Will of course keep you all posted whether you like it or not :P Maybe I’ll try my hand at a creative dime store romance novel story like Coyote Mike LOL


At 5:08 PM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

You should write some naughty stories staring me . . . and NO other guys :P

At 9:30 AM , Blogger Faris said...

Hey, sorry to read you had a difficult day. I hope it's better today. And you got weekend all for youself after that.

At 5:09 PM , Blogger Rocky Mountain Princess said...

Suvvy... hun... repeat after me:


Your boss sounds like a dick and why should you let him win by being a recluse? Have some backbone girl, we all know it's in there. The boss can kiss your ass because he's going to have one helluva time explaining why he fired you for laughing too much and being friendly, but professional, toward your co-workers. The veterans love you and your laugh and you know what? Those men and women have been through enough and they welcome the sunshine you bring into their lives - they're the ones that would be losing something, as well as yourself. So again:

FUCK YOUR BOSS! (not literally, haha).


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