Friday, August 25, 2006

Road Kill

Well here is one of my stories. Now please keep in mind I wrote this rather haphazzardly at work yesterday and it's a very rough shortened draft. But you will get the general idea of it.


One day Lola the Skunk, Rocky the Raccoon, Fisher the Hawk and Slacker the possum were getting ready to cross the highway behind their friend Springer the Deer when….screeeech..wham…thud! They watched in horror as a truck hit Springer and sent him sailing into the ditch. They looked as the beat up old truck backed up to where Springer lay in the ditch. An ugly, scruffy, toothless hillbilly poked his head out the passenger side window.

“Yup, we got em Earl!” Hollered the Hillbilly in the most ignorant sounding voice

“Whee Doggy!” Said the driver hillbilly Earl “That was some there fun Billy-Jo. Lets go see if we caint hit us a postum next!”

When it was safe Lola, Rocky, Fisher and Slacker frantically ran across to where Springer lay in the ditch, they were sure he was dead. When they reached Springers side they were startled when he jumped up shook the dirt off and was perfectly fine. Turns out the two hillbillies Earl and Billy-Jo only bounced him some. He said he knew to play dead in case he were ever hit due to the fact that most humans would check to see if you were still alive and if they found out you were they’d kill you so you wouldn’t suffer any.

After making sure Springer was definitely okay the group agreed that they had to stop Earl and Billy-Jo from hitting anyone else, so they devised a plan. Fisher flew off to find where the hillbillies had gone, and the rest went to warn everyone else and grab some recruits for their plan.

Not long after he set out Fisher found the hillbillies. They were parked down by the river and were laying out sleeping on the bank and it was just starting to get dark. This was a perfect place and time to carry out their plan. He hurried back to go get the others. Springer, Lola, Rocky, Slacker, Fisher and some more of their animal friends all headed down to the river. Springer crept into the cab of the parked truck as everyone else all quietly hid in bushes and tress surrounding the hillbillies.

After they were all situated Fisher gave the signal and all the animals started making the biggest racket they possibly could. The Coyotes howled and growled, the possums and skunks hissed and spit, the raccoons chattered and the birds squawked.

All that noise woke Earl and Billy-Jo straight out of a dead sleep. They stood up and bumped and fumbled around trying to figure out what was going on. Right then Springer turned the ignition and the truck roared to life and the hillbillies screamed. Springer flipped the high beam headlights on and revved the engine. As Earl and Billy-Jo stood there shaking caught in the headlights Springer slammed the truck into gear and floored the gas. He chased those hillbillies up and down the river over and over again. He gave them the run on their lives.

Finally the hillbillies were so worn out from running they fell over. Springer jammed on the breaks stopping just before he reached them. Two huge Coyotes jumped out of the bushes and held Earl and Billy-Jo to the ground as Springer jumped out of the truck.

Now one thing to be said about Springer is he was no ordinary small deer. He stood eighteen hands tall at the shoulder, weighed as much as a grizzly and had a rack on him that spanned over six feet. He was such a formidable sight that no hunter would even try to shoot him during deer season.

Springer walked over to the hillbillies who by this time were crying and put a hoof on each one and stared down at them. Earl and Billy-Jo froze as they waited to see what this gigantic deer would do. Springer lowered his head close to theirs and said these words: “If I ever see or hear of you trying to hit another animal we will find you again and you might not be so lucky next time. Now get!”

Earl and Billy-Jo jumped up as quickly as they could and ran to the truck and sped away from the river. All of the animals cheered and celebrated the rest of the night.

From that time on no other animals were ever hit on the roads again. Springer, Lola, Rocky, Fisher, Slacker and all the other animals couldn’t believe the success that night proved to be. They learned later on that Earl and Billy-Jo had gone back to school (they also got teeth) and became prominent lawyers and activists for animals rights. They were the ones to thank for the “Animal Highway Protection” law that helped save many animals from becoming road kill.


At 9:42 AM , Blogger Faris said...

aawww...that's such a sweet story. I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for that.

And good writing. You're a good story teller.

At 10:28 AM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Can you tell I hate seeing dead animals on the highway everyday? :P I'm working on another one right now. No animals and rather serious. WWII setting, it's just in the beginning works but I think it'll be a good one.


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