Monday, August 28, 2006

Blue Moon with Orange

Hello Monday to everyone :P Not a lot went on this weekend. Found a new beer that I really like that I hadn’t tried before. Blue Moon with a slice of orange. Yummy! And Coyote Mike I still don’t think it’s a girly drink, thppt :P Went out with my best friend Tits McGee on Friday night. We stopped by another friend, Toots’ house and I got to meet a very cute puppy (leave it to me to go meet new people and I’m more interested in their dog). She’s a pit bull cross but very sweet, her name was Kubla. While I was there she tried to take on a full sized Doberman pincher…sadly I think she would have lost. After Toots and her roommate got ready we all headed out to the bar. We didn’t go where we originally were thinking of going due to an outrageous cover charge. So we went to Old Chicago to have dollar beer and pizza. Of course I wasn’t in the mood for domestic beer so my beer was around $4 but I only had a couple. I split my drinking between German and Scottish beer. I let everyone else have a taste but nobody else like them. The look on Toots face was incredibly funny when she tried the Scottish Ale. We called it a night fairly early and I went home.

Saturday was very uneventful. I was very tired and didn’t feel much like doing anything, so I didn’t. Cleaned up the part of the kitchen that’s not torn apart and put more water in my fish tank. My fish were very grateful for that one. They’d needed water for quite some time. Oops. The Husband and I put the Little Guy to bed and watched the movie Rent. It’s not bad but I am glad we had something to drink while watching it. Made us more receptive I think. I’m usually not one for musicals and stuff but it wasn’t too bad. Especially since I had almost a full six pack of Blue Moon by myself. :P And I wonder why my diet isn’t going so well…LOL It’s gym time this week.

Yesterday was as uneventful as Saturday except we made it in to Kearney and got some of the things we needed for the house at Menards. But other than that that was about it. I am looking forward to this weekend. The Husband is going to South Dakota and dropping Little Guy off at his grandparents on the way. I have a weekend all to myself!!! I know I’ve blabbed about that for a few days now but am extremely happy about it. But I suppose I’d better start working. I will hopefully write something a little more interesting later. Have good days!!!


At 5:41 PM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

Is you feeling better yet?

At 8:31 AM , Blogger Faris said...

I love Ales. My kind of beer. I also enjoy Cider on the rocks.

I'm glad your weekend was ok.


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