Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Lady-Belle is in kidney failure. Four weeks ago today I had to put Charlie to sleep because of kidney failure. Just a few days after he was gone I took Lady in for her yearly check up, vaccines and to have them check her kidney levels. The next day I had a girl from the Vets’ office call and tell me everything looked great. Evidently that wasn’t the case. Lady hadn’t been eating the greatest since Charlie’s been gone but she had her normal appetite for wanting people food and I chalked some of it up to stress from the new puppy as well. But Monday she didn’t seem like herself and Tuesday night she started getting sick so I got her in right away yesterday morning. I mentioned to the Vet that she had her blood work done just a few weeks ago so they decided to look at that and then decide what other tests they would run on her. The Vet came back in and informed me that 4 weeks ago her kidney levels were high and I explained to her that no one told me this and the girl that called told me everything was fine. I was not happy. I could have been getting her help 4 weeks ago! So they ran her blood work again and came back with my worst fear, she is in kidney failure.

Her numbers aren’t as bad as Charlie’s were but they still aren’t anywhere near good. So it’s back to the theory that they got into something together or they contracted Leptospirosis. I am banking on the latter of the two. It’s the only thing that makes sense especially with how they would get sick then be fine after a few days then have a relapse a few weeks later. It’s a bacterial infection that can sit in the kidney and liver and cause renal failure if not treated in a timely manner. They never did do the test on Charlie since he was so far gone and didn’t respond to the antibiotics. But they are doing it with Lady and already have her on the medicine. So far Comets levels are all okay but I will keep a very close eye on him since Leptospirosis can be passed from pet to pet and humans can even contract it, but it’s a little more difficult for us to contract. My theory on how they even came into contact with the bacteria is standing water this summer. Lady hasn’t ever minded drinking from puddles and Charlie used to get drinks out of the kids swimming pool and that’s about the time this all originally started.

I am not ready to say goodbye to Lady yet. I have had her since I was 16 and she’s been through everything with me. Granted she’s 9 but I figured she still had a few years left to her. If she responds to treatment we can manage her diet and may get at best a couple more years with her but if she doesn’t I will have to say goodbye. Watching Charlie go was one thing but it will be even harder with Lady. Even last night and this morning I couldn’t get used to her being away from home. The odd thing is being around Comet. He is such a fun little puppy; he reminds me so much of Lady when she was little and he even reminds me of Charlie a bit. It’s like he’s a little bit of both of them. I just hope he stays healthy and doesn’t get this we’ve had the little guy for two weeks and I don’t want to be signing his death warrant already. I have such a conglomeration of emotions right now and I am so tired of it all. I’m hitting that point of being mad as hell, at what or who I don’t really know; I’m just tired.

UPDATE: The Vet called this morning and told me Lady’s levels are better today. If she keeps improving to a manageable level she gets to come home. Hoping it all works out.


At 1:01 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

Oh gosh. I can't imagine the utter trauma of what you're going through. I'm thinking of you, Lady, and even little Comet.

At 3:30 PM , Blogger Helen said...

i hope she carries on improving! I'm sending happy thoughts all the way form ehre for her!

At 4:11 PM , Blogger Olga said...

This must have been really hard for you, it is so painful to see an innocent dog suffer :(. I'm glad the results are a bit better. I know how terrible it is when your pets are sick and you feel helpless... I hope Lady will get fine, after all she is still not old and has someone to take care of. Take care!

At 9:08 PM , Blogger Steph said...

Wow, what a run of bad luck. I hope she gets better hun x

At 10:43 AM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Thanks everyone, I'm waiting to hear from the Vet today. I'm hoping she has improved enough to live a pretty normal life and I can bring her home. It's weird there without her.


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