Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Well the weekend brought many interesting things. Friday it brought us a new puppy, his name is not official yet but we are thinking of Comet. He is a 7 week old black and tan miniature dachshund just like Lady and Charlie. So far he reminds me so much of Lady when she was a puppy, I think he will turn out to be a great dog. I found him online through a lady that has a rescue home for doxies about 4 hours away. She was meeting a couple of other ladies from this area halfway so we met her too. I got off early on Friday picked the kids up and headed out on our trek to get the new dog. It was all highway driving and it was a part of the state I hadn’t been in in years. We went through the little towns I remember from when I was really young. It was like going through a time warp there were so many things that hadn’t changed in 20 years. It was great! Sometimes it’s nice to know things we remember fondly don’t always change. Finally after travelling for what seemed like all day (it was only 2 hrs) we got to our destination and picked up our new puppy. Lily did so well in the car, I was so proud of her. She did get a bit cranky before we stopped to eat, but did such a good job of eating her supper. We stopped at Dairy Queen in a little town and she had a hot dog and French fries. The new puppy pooped in the car before we could get back out, but thank goodness 3 pound dogs don’t make much of a mess.

Saturday we didn’t do a whole lot, just bummed around the house and got to know the puppy. That night was Specs birthday and the Hubby and I went out for dinner to celebrate the anniversary of our first date (7 years). In retrospect the evening would have gone so much better if we wouldn’t have bothered with Specs. All week I had made sure that her birthday celebration was the main event of the evening and through little actions throughout the night she and Smalls managed to just ruin the evening. Nothing they did was really all that bad, but with all of the other crap I’ve put up with from my friends over the past week it was just too much and we said goodnight and left a bit early. On the way home I wound up crying and felt like a total heel. I had enjoyed spending the evening with my Hubby and let myself get sidetracked by those two and everyone else who has hurt my feelings lately. None of the things that people have done lately have been really bad and normally wouldn’t bother me, but I’ve just felt a bit off lately. Putting Charlie to sleep and other changes I think have stressed me more than I have realized. I am hopeful that it’s all coming to an end soon. I don’t like being a gloomy gus.

On Sunday pool went well. We only won 2 out of 5 matches but I was okay with that. Then I spent the rest of the night drinking and talking with my friend Tab, from whom I have learned some very interesting things about different relationships. I honestly could write my own soap opera with everything that goes on anymore. Me I am perfectly content being at home snuggling with my family and my new puppy.

Oh I almost forgot the Hubby did an awesome job fixing our fridge door on Sunday too!! There’s a glitch with the make and model of fridge we have that causes the hinges to break and ours pretty much did on Sunday and we most definitely don’t have the money for even a used one. So he went to the hardware store and rigged up a new hinge and fixed it. It works better now than it ever did before. He is awesomeness!


At 1:14 PM , Blogger Helen said...

I think you've had WAY too much going on and you need a holiday! A long holiday with a beach and poolboys and cocktails (and sunblock)...

Enjoy the puppy, I'm sure the kids'll have a great time playing with him!

At 8:05 PM , Blogger Steph said...

We want new puppy pics!!!!!!!!!

At 9:28 AM , Blogger Moi said...

I wish I had a strong heterosexual male in my life to fix things when they broke - all of the men in my life are gay. They may not be able to help around the house, but god are they fun!


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