Thursday, October 08, 2009

I am tired of people! I think it’s this stupid stuffy nose that’s been depleting my energy but I just do not have it in me to deal with people any more this week unless they are drama and accusation free. So far since last week I’ve put up with Smalls and Specs breaking up for a whole 12 hours then getting back together, so looking forward to movie night on Friday with one of my friends and his new girlfriend only to have them cancel at the very last freaking minute with an excuse that I don’t even think I believe, my once considered best friend Tits blowing me off Saturday night and not bothering to get a hold of me until Sunday to then explain that surprise surprise she was sick and it must have been really bad since she couldn’t even text, and then today I get yelled at via phone by a bitchy old lady calling me a bitch because I did my job right. Just fuck off!!

Normally I’m a happy go lucky individual that really does care what happens to her friends and is happy to do anything she can to help, but I’m just tired. Just once I want to see or talk to my friends and not have some stupid crisis going on. Now the Smalls and Specs thing really doesn’t bother me that much but it was just lumped into everything else last week and just added stress. For some reason I am the strong, level headed, responsible wisdom guru out of everyone I know and sometimes it just sucks. I just think between putting Charlie to two weeks ago, the situation with TJ (my oldest step son) and catching a cold I’ve just gotten run down. I’m ready for some relaxation and fun. The kind where I can just see my friends and our topics of conversation are odd jokes followed by drinking.

I’m hoping for some of this on Saturday, it’s Specs’ birthday and the Hubby and I are celebrating the anniversary of when we first met. Which officially is today and I feel like a total lump for not realizing it until this very moment. I also have a long weekend this weekend so I will hopefully get to catch up on some much needed rest and will be back to normal next week. I’m also blaming this crappy cold weather we are having for my issues too.

I will try to have a more upbeat post here soon; we may be getting a new puppy so at least that’s a silver lining for this weekend.


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