Thursday, October 01, 2009

Well today marks one week since we’ve been without Charlie. We are all adjusting pretty well, but we still miss him. It was weird having just one dog to give bacon to on Sunday morning and still makes my heart twinge a bit when I walk in and see his empty carrier where he used to sleep. We also realized that we said goodbye to Charlie 5 years to the day that we brought him home. Lady had her check up at the beginning of the week and checked out healthy which made me feel so much better. I’m not ready to say goodbye to her anytime soon.

I can tell that Lady misses him sometimes too but otherwise seems to be enjoying being the only dog at the moment. We have been thinking about getting another one but I know we are going to be picky and want to get the right one. And we’re also holding off just a bit until my step-son TJ gets here. The Hubby was originally planning on getting him moved down here the weekend of the 16th when the end of the first school quarter was done, but unfortunately the situation there hasn’t gotten a whole lot better so he is getting him this weekend. The more contact we have made with police, case workers, grandparents etc. it turns out the story is pretty much just how TJ told it. Poor kid winds up in a bad situation does the right thing by getting help and it’s his world that gets turned upside down. I know he isn’t crazy about having to leave his friends and school, but he is handling everything rather well and knows that this will be for the best in the long run. He is almost the same age I was when I was forced to move away from my friends and stuff so I can relate to how he feels. It will definitely be an adjustment having a teenager around. It really wasn’t that long ago that I was his age and I think that’s part of what makes things so weird for me. I can handle being a parent to a toddler and an 8 year old but how do I parent a teenager when there are days where I still feel like one myself? Everything will be fine and will work itself out, but it’s still a bit intimidating.

In other news I’ve been pretty proud of myself with how I’ve cut back on my alcohol consumption on Sundays at pool league and stuff. I did go out last Friday and get a bit snockered but the last few weeks at pool I’ve had maybe a drink if that and have gone home fairly early. It has been nice not coming into work on Mondays with a hangover. Granted drinking one day a week really isn’t too bad, but there are more important things in life. So I will keep my brown bottled induced giddiness to a minimum from here on out. So far this morning my jitters have been caused by my Iced Mocha from McDonalds that I ordered this morning. What possessed me to get it I have no idea since regular coffee would have been much better for me and my sugar levels. It would have tasted better too, I just can’t handle sweet stuff like I used to. I’m only 25 and I feel like I’m getting old…can’t handle sweet stuff, worrying about crows feet and I can tell when the weathers changing by the way my back feels.


At 6:04 AM , Blogger Helen said...

I'm so sorry about Charlie, but I'm glad you seem to be feeling better!

It's weird, as I get older I need MORE sugar to keep going! Maybe we'll get gourment McDonalds coffee here soon!


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