Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Very rarely do I treat close to political things on here. I am not a fan of politics and it just gets scary. But today I got a good dose on facebook how extremely ignorant and narrow minded people can be. Now some of you may have heard all the hub bub about President Obama giving a speech to schools today. I really hadn’t paid much attention to it until this morning when a family member of mine got berated for listing her opinion. I was the only one that really agreed with what she said. Now I have no problem with people voicing their opnions. Everyone has the right to there’s, but what I do have a problem with are those people that choose to make it a personal thing and get downright nasty with you just because your opinion is different. This in my opinion is how wars begin. Now I attempted to copy and paste the line of discussion and change the names, but the dopey thing wouldn’t let me paste the whole comments so below is the post my relative put up and I will give a summary of what was said.

Relative: What is the problem with kids watching Obama's speech in school?? Seriously, parents get over the fact that your candidate didn't win and let your kids make their own decisions. Maybe they should ask their kids who they voted for in the mock elections at school.
4 hours ago • Comment •

Now after she posted this basically 4 of her friends got rather nasty towards her and proceeded to compare Obama to Hitler, accuse him of being a terrorist and of course the “he can’t prove he’s a natural born citizen”. About halfway through a dozen comments from these women I chimed in, in support of my relative and here was my post:

Me: I'm with you on this one Relative. I think part of the issue with Obama anymore is he is different, and we as a people are always scared of what is different. Let kids listen and make up their minds. A lot of them won't be paying attention anyway, or won’t understand it. But some will and it having an open mind to listen to the speech encourages them to think for themselves. Sometimes I think parents get too wrapped up in what party they belong to and forget that children can make their own decisions. I remember for the longest time I considered myself a republican as a child because my Dad told me democrats were bad. :P Soon enough it will all be yesterday’s news and life will go on. 2 hours ago • Delete

After this post the nasty women then proceeded to berate me with the same dribble as they had my relative and accused me of blaming the Republican Party etc. Reading through their comments to me did tick me off just a bit. These women basically took everything. I wrote and twisted it around to something completely different. It was absolutely insane. They were like a pack of wolves and still have not left my relative alone today about this. Myself and a couple of her guy friends attempted to randomly post a funny comment trying to get these women to just chill, but it has yet to work. Granted facebook is not necessarily somewhere to discuss politics, but if they didn’t like what she said they could have just left it alone. And I’m hoping they feel like idiots after the great reviews the President has gotten regarding his speech this morning. I’m not trying to say their opinion is wrong, their facts may be a bit screwy, but their opinion is their right, but they should not turn into nasty, ignorant asses.

Anyway, there is my rant for the day :P


At 10:46 AM , Blogger Moi said...

If I was your relative I wouldn't even bother reading the comments, I would just delete them as friends. But I'm fickle like that!

At 7:55 AM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Moi: As it turns out the one woman who got extremely nasty got a dose of her own medicine towards the end of the day and couldn't take it and removed my relative from her friend list. I was at least happy to see that my relative and I weren't the only ones who felt the way we did.

At 7:58 AM , Blogger Helen said...

the only thing worse than ignorance is ignorance coupled with a loud voice.

I liked your reply though, well done!

P.S tagged you!


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