Friday, August 28, 2009

Not too much to report for this week. I finally got a relaxing and enjoyable night with the kids last night. The Hubby is on call this week and Little Guy has started back in with his old bad attitude and fits since school started, so it has made for a bit of a stressful week. But I decided I would take my chances and take the kids and myself out to dinner and shopping last night. We at pizza at Old Chicago and went shopping at Kmart. Not one fit from either of them the whole night!! It was wonderful. We really didn’t buy anything at the store other than dog and cat food but we had a fun time looking at clothes and shoes and stuff. Lily had a ball trying on all kinds of shoes. That child loves shoes like I’ve never seen before. I’ve decided I may have to go back on my own and buy her a couple pairs. I wanted to get them last night but Little Guy was close to having issues with not getting any new shoes since we just bought him some so I decided not to chance getting Lily shoes. I’m hoping we have another good night tonight. We’re having left over pizza!!

Monday was a good night too I guess. My friend Tabitha had her birthday so a bunch of us girls met up at a local bar around 9:00. So far in all my years I hadn’t been out on a Monday night but we had a blast. A friend of ours who runs a karaoke business was doing karaoke at this bar so I had fun watching people I know sing and dance and have a good time. And even though college is back in the bar really wasn’t very busy. We all got a bit tipsy but that was somewhat of the point that night. It’s a rule you have to get tipsy with Tabitha. She’s a fun lady but she’s one of those I like her a lot more when she’s drinking. She lets her guard down and doesn’t come across so snooty. To top it off I felt really well on Tuesday morning. I had just a small headache and was a bit tired, but all in all I felt pretty good for staying out until 1:00am the night before.

I have also been having very interesting dreams lately. I think it’s a combination of whatever I’ve been eating before bed and my overactive subconscious. My mind comes up with some of the craziest things for me to dream. Most of the time I can usually sit down and figure out its train of thought. My brain associates the weirdest things with one another sometimes. The other night I had an odd dream that flitted from being with Specs and Smalls at some sort of concert/street dance to rushing with smalls back to this like top secret government bunker to get something he had forgotten and somewhere in all of it we wound up kissing. So wrong!! But in this dream I alternated from experiencing everything to watching myself like I was watching a movie or something. Then the dream changed to being at a casino with a bunch of friends and I was there with another one of my guy friends and we were a couple. This was another area where it was like I was watching a movie. And it was so wrong too!! This particular friend of mine I see as an older brother in real life. Although I think the reason I dreamt about this is he was talking about taking his girlfriend to Las Vegas when I had seen him earlier that day. These were all still very disconcerting. It’s always weird when you have dreams like that about people you absolutely don’t think about in that way. I told Specs about them and she thought they were hilarious.

I had another one last night where she and I were at pool league and she wound up order spaghetti and meatballs and entire bottle of wine. Not normal fair for a pool hall. But instead of getting a bottle of wine she got this huge pilsner glass full of wine and we shared a Jaeger bomb through straws. I am hoping that tonight’s dreams might be a little more scaled down. So far I have really made my rounds of people I make out with in my dreams. A few months back I had dreamt about me and Specs (that was extremely weird), now I’ve dreamt about Smalls and my friend Cover. It’d be nice if my subconscious could throw the Hubby in there somewhere!


At 5:14 AM , Blogger Helen said...

Lily's already started the shoe-craze? She is going to be a super-girl when she grows up!

Sorry to ehar that little guy is being difficult, I guess I was the difficult one when I was little so I can sympathise, but it must be hard to trry and handle both kids at the same time! Just keep swimming!

At 8:06 AM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Yes my mother seems to have passed the shoe loving gene onto my daughter. She also gave her her love of sausage too!! LOL

Little Guy has shaped up a bit over the last few days, I'm hoping it sticks. But now that you have just said "Just keep swimming" I'm going to have that part out of finding Nemo stuck in my head all day!! :P


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