Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey y’all!! Not much to report these past few days. I was tagged by Helen and will dutifully get to it….just not today :P

So far this week is just creeping by. I spent Monday in a whiskey induced daze from the night before. In all reality it wasn’t your typical hangover, it was more of I had consumed way too much sugar with my alcohol and that made me feel icky. Sunday night was the beginning of pool league again and my team won 4-1. I of course was the 1 that lost, but I played well and lost to a guy that’s a lot of fun to play. I enjoyed my Jack Daniels and coke until bartenders switched and I got more coke than anything so I had a couple of beers. It was about 9:30 and I was starting to get tired and told Specs I’d probably head home in a little bit, but then somehow got involved with taking numerous shots with some other friends up at the bar. It was rather interesting and a lot of fun but my tiredness took over again so I went home.

After I got home the Hubby was watching the VMA’s so I watched with him and also learned that Little Guys “Mother” sent him and email about Little Guy. Stupid wench evidently has worked long enough and stayed in one spot long enough for the state to notify her about the child support she is supposed to be paying. So she’s decided that since she has to pay for him she might as well be able to see him. And mind you this coming from the woman that couldn’t be bothered with following through with taking us to court over custody this past year. But it was just the same old bullshit she always says, I can’t find you, don’t know how to get a hold of you blah, blah, blah. Our number hasn’t changed, our places of employment haven’t changed, her parents know how to get a hold of us and she is the one that neither her lawyer, our lawyer, us nor the court could find her when it came time for court in June. Her audacity never ceases to amaze me sometimes. I honestly had no idea it was that possible for someone to be that stupid and to learn absolutely nothing over the years. But I’m not too stressed about it. She still gave nothing but a stupid email address to get a hold of her and with the parenting plan the court approved we have the right in several different circumstances to suspend any visitation rights she has. Which we intend to do. Little Guy is still having a hard time at school. It’s been better this week, but he got two in school suspensions within a week of each other and was headed for out of school suspension when we all finally figured out what was going on. He was upset because his best friend had other friends and he just lashed out. But thankfully the boys talked things out and seem to be doing okay the last few days. But he is still having a hard time with his attitude and adjusting to everything. He doesn’t do well with change and other things mostly thanks to the hell his “mother” put him through. But he will pull through it and he’s been great the last few days.

In other kid news the Hubby’s oldest son TJ has caused a stir up as well. He has always lived with his Mom and Step Dad since I have been with the Hubby and he turned 14 this summer. Well along with the normal teenage angst he has developed some disrespectful behavior that I attribute to the crowd he hangs out with. But evidently he got in a fight with his Step Dad Monday night and not sure what happened actually yet but one thing led to another and he went down to the police station and filed charges against his Step Dad. His story is his Step Dad got mad at him and hit him in the face, kicked him etc. Step Dad’s version is he asked TJ to stay with his younger sister so he could go pick up his mom from work TJ got mad and got extremely disrespectful and tried to leave the apartment and Step Dad smacked him upside the head. My theory is the truth lies somewhere in between the two stories and I think it was a bit extreme that TJ went to the cops before calling his Dad or I or his numerous Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents that live there. So now he is staying at a Grandparents house and Hubby and his Mom get to decide what’s going to happen. It’s possible he may come to live here with us or something, time will tell and it will all work out okay in the end but until then we will have a rather ticked off teenager to deal with along with a lot of stress for other people.

So far the only other child that can get into trouble is Lily and thank God she is only 2!! LOL


At 3:49 PM , Blogger Coffeypot said...

Two words, Hit Contract!

At 4:20 AM , Blogger Helen said...

Wow, thats hectic! I hope everything gets sorted out soon!

And little guys mother makes me want to punch things!


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