Monday, August 24, 2009

Today I shall regale you with a tale about two 25 year old mommy’s almost getting into a bar fight with a 21 year old badly bleached blonde bimbo (apologies for anyone blonde, I am not prejudice towards blondes, but that is the best way to describe her).

Saturday night the Hubby and I had tickets to go to a concert put on by the Deaf Pedestrians at one of our new local bars. We were to meet Specs and Smalls there around 7is. They had beaten us there and informed us via text that it was already packed and standing room only which was just wonderful music to our ears (note sarcasm). We had already had offers to do other things that night that sounded better to us. But I had already bought the tickets and told Specs we would go. So we gave our tickets to the guy at the door and stood in line at the bar to grab our drinks and head off to find Specs and Smalls. As we were stepping towards the bar to give the bartender our order this little blonde witch stepped in front of us and got herself a drink. It pissed me off but I just let it go. Well a while later Specs and I were standing in line literally stepping up to the bar making eye contact with the bartender opening our mouths to give him our order when the same little twit did it again!! I looked at Specs and said “That’s the second fucking time she has done that tonight!”

Well evidently Specs was in as feisty of a mood as I was and neither of us really felt like putting up with people’s stupid shit, but I found out that her fuse was a bit shorter than mine. We stepped up to the bar next to the inconsiderate little fop and Specs said rather loudly “Well I guess you have to be a bleach blonde bimbo to get what you want around here”. Then came the bimbo’s next mistake, she looked at Specs and said “What?!” very nastily and Specs proceeded to say it again and explain to her the error of her ways with cutting in line at the bar. Well they exchanged a few more words and Specs ended up with the upper hand in the conversation and the other girl got her drink and walked off in a huff.

After we grabbed our drinks we realized that we were going to have to walk right by her on our way back to our guys. She was in the process of whining to all of her other little bleached blonde friends about what happened. I just shook my head and proceeded to keep walking then she made her next mistake. She saw us coming and stepped back into our way to block us from getting by. Since I was ahead of Specs I said “Excuse me” and in a pleasant tone. She ignore me so I pushed her out of my way and said with a big smile “I’m sorry, I did say excuse me”. And all of her friends proceeded to laugh at her, but the idiot still didn’t leave it alone. She then proceeded to get very loud when talking about the conversation she had with Specs and kept saying something to the tune of “there’s no such thing as a line at the bar”. Her friends finally got sick of her and wound up trying to ditch her in the crowd. I did inform Specs who was just fuming that if we had to deal with her again that I would. I figured I could handle it without getting us sent to jail for assault.

The rest of the night was spent listening to the ear ringing music, watching lesbians make out and getting assaulted by the guy standing next to me who was way to hyper. He didn’t actually hurt me or anything; just every once in a while would slap me on the back and start singing whatever song was playing at me. It was rather entertaining. It definitely is not my usual crowd. If nothing else it was an interesting experience, one I’m not likely to repeat anytime soon but an experience.

Some how I have a feeling we will run into our little bimbo friend again someday though. But I’m not worried in both a battle of wits and of brawn she would be unarmed. Plus age and wisdom always prevail over youth and treachery. :D


At 6:31 AM , Blogger Helen said...

That's ridiculous! I love that her friends tried to ditch her!

At 3:55 PM , Blogger Olga said...

What a night... Yet your story reminded me how many people like her surround us... I also had a feeling you'll meet her again somehow - this is just how small the world is, anyways I just hope you won't remember her by then :)

At 7:59 AM , Blogger Moi said...

I HATE pusher in-ers. If someone cuts in front of me to get on public transport I "accidentally" get my foot tangled up in theirs and trip them...

At 8:08 AM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Helen: Yes that is part of what kept me cool about the whole thing...pretty bad when the people you are with ditch you!!

Olga: Yes tis a very small world, and I'm sure I will recognize her if I see her again, I'm just hoping she doesn't recognize me, she's not the type to let this go and I really don't want to further explain the error of her ways. :)

Moi: Yes those "accidental" things come in quite handy!!


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