Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Amazing Love Guru

I come to you today not as regular old SuvvyGirl but as….SuvvyGirl the Love Guru!! I needed more lighthearted blog fodder since the last post and behold my very own life produced it!!

Now I’ve told you the story of Specs and Smalls, who are doing very well together. They finally had sex and it has actually made things much more bearable and thankfully they have spared me all of the little details. They still make each other deliriously happy. Now comes the story of…I’m having issues coming up with cute little nicknames for them…I really don’t have to keep them anonymous I just enjoy giving people funny little character names here….well lets call the guy Maverick(gimme a break I watched Top Gun the other night) and lets call her Suds (she likes beer). Okay now that I have that part taken care of here is a bit of the back-story.

Maverick is my age and I met him through my Mom and Step Dad when we all played pool together. Maverick and I still play pool every Sunday on leagues on different teams. Now he is just a regular good ol boy. Grew up in small town Nebraska and he’s designed like a big teddy bear in a way. Definitely not a guy you want to piss off. He loves mud racing, pool and girls. Even though he’s not a whole lot to look at the girls love him, hence why he has 4 children…he has been dubbed as super sperm because of it. Now I see Mav as more of a brother type to me more than anything. Partly because another guy we play pool with actually thought he and another one of our friends were my brothers. So with this familiar bond between us it’s somewhat hard for me to look at him in a different angle and understand why women love him so much. But I do get it. He’s very respectful and enduring to women. He can make you feel like you are the most beautiful girl in the room when you’re feeling down and he’s a good protector. He’s got a big heart and a lot of charm. My parents made it his job to look out for me at pool when they moved away and he does a good job of it. He’s a good friend and really is like a brother to me.

Now Suds I have only known for about 6 months. I only met her because she is dating Mav. But I really like her and she is one of the few girls I’ve met in my lifetime that I gave the status of true friend to. I don’t’ trust women and they are too high maintenance to have as friends usually. I pick my female friends wisely. Now she grew up here and was a year a head of me in high school but I never did meet her back then. I have only lived here since my junior year in high school and didn’t really care if I got to know anyone there or not. According to her her story is in high school and for a couple years after she was in a serious relationship with a guy they had talked about getting married then something happened and they broke up. After they broke up she went a bit downhill went on a 3 month binger and wound up pregnant by a guy who wanted nothing to do with the kid. So then she became a single mommy to a beautiful little boy who is now 21/2.

Now their story comes together. In March or so of 2008 Mav and Suds started dating. We all knew of Suds but didn’t’ expect that it was anything serious since Mav was also seeing other girls at that time. Well evidently somewhere in those first few months Mav and Suds became exclusive unbeknownst to the rest of us. Then Mav got caught cheating on Suds with the mother to one of his children. This was not a surprise to anyone, it wasn’t overly out of character for Mav, but what was out of character was that he and Suds were supposedly exclusive. Well Suds forgave him and Mav has been a straight arrow only for her since then, which means he really must care for her. Now there are things a lot of us know that Suds doesn’t from the time when they first started dating until he got caught. But we have all decided we’ll just leave well enough alone and not get into the middle of that. Now Suds has been talking about marriage quite a bit the last few months and some of us have tried to politely tell her not to get her hopes up. No one has really gotten Mav to settle down like that and I just don’t think he’s ready for something like that anyway. But so far the warnings have fallen on deaf ears with Suds and she is still expecting it to happen. This is where the downfall begins. Now I’ve done and been exactly where Suds is with this situation. You find someone you love so much then you get this fantasy in your head of what you want everything to be then you turn into a major bitch when it doesn’t’ start happening. It’s the fairytale syndrome. You get so desperate for your plan to work out you push and push the other person until they either give in or in most cases leave. Mav and Suds are teetering on that edge. We have all noticed that in the past month or so Suds has become increasingly difficult for Mav to get along with. He doesn’t’ do what she wants him to and they get mad at each other.

Now I am stuck in the middle of this one since I am friends with both of them. And even though there is probably more to the story than what I have heard and seen I am supporting Mav a bit more than Suds. Mav has done an excellent job of remaining faithful to Suds and just tries to have a good time together while maintaining separate lives too. He still wants to be able to have their own things that they do and be okay with it. Suds on the other hand is not very good at this. I’m still not sure what is going to happen to them, but Mav is pretty sure that Suds has cheated on him recently and given everything he’s told me I’m wondering myself. Since they’re problems have escalated over the last couple of weeks I have had things and images of them seared into my brain that I really didn’t need. I really don’t’ look for them to come out of this together, but I the love guru have been wrong before.


At 9:46 PM , Anonymous Coyotemike said...

Some love guru, can't even find me a date :P

At 3:43 AM , Blogger Helen said...

You are totally the love guru! I hope they work things out, but if not then I guess it wasn't meant to. Theres a lot to be said for being blunt though! I think if they were to sit down and talk it all out they might be able to pull through it!

At 7:04 PM , Blogger coffeypot said...

I love Guru, too. Especially with a little Tabasco Sauce on it. And if Spec and Smalls want to go into details about their sex life, give them my email. I am a good listener (and panter.)


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