Friday, August 07, 2009

To all of you who are wondering…Lily is officially two and loved her birthday. She and her Daddy especially loved her birthday ice cream cake. Cake batter flavored ice cream with cookie dough mixed in smushed in between layers of red velvet cake covered with white frosting with crushed graham crackers on the outside. It is one of the few birthday cakes our family has actually finished in a matter of two days. And she made out with lots of good presents. Her baby dolls now have a stroller and a bath tub, she got a little mermaid doll to play with in her bath tub and a new Elmo story book. So far she has taken her book to daycare with her almost every day this week. She also got plenty of balloons which she takes great joy in pummeling. She just starts swinging her little fists and goes at them…better them than her brothers though. Little Guy has needed a break from getting his arse kicked by his 2 year old sister. I will try to get pictures up within the next year hopefully J

On other news fronts not much has gone on. I won my pool match on Sunday while intoxicated. I was very surprised. I play very well when I have a drink or two in me but after I cross a certain threshold I can’t shoot to save my life. But somehow the pool gods smiled upon me. I get to the pool hall around 4:00 to warm up before league starts at 5. On Sunday I was ready for a drink since the crick I had had in my neck for the past 3 weeks moved down to my lower back. Granted my neck felt better but my lower back was killing me. Now I have had a bad back for years. They discovered when I was 16 that my spine curves in my lumbar area right around my hips which is not a good place to have issues with your back. Since then I have suffered from my back going out on me to the point that I can hardly move and I want to cry it hurts so bad. I would gladly give birth again compared to when my back is really out. So anyway, when I got to the pool hall at 4:00 I had my “adopted” brother bartender make me a vodka cranberry with a splash of 7up. Normally I go for the Long Island Iced Teas but those just kick my butt way too early in the day. So I sipped on my first glass for quite a while, then everyone started showing up. Then we all started drinking a bit more together then came the Vegas Bombs. Now mind you I’m pretty happy at this point but not really bad, but the way the matches played out I wound up playing last which after drinking for 4 hours is not a good thing. So I got up to play my match against one of my good friends. Now I was feeling a bit cocky because she really isn’t a very good shot…well she has started shooting better since I last played her. So I lost the first game, then continued to find my groove with the help of some good tunes on the jukebox and won the next two games which won me the match. I was shocked and so were they. They are all good friends of mine but they know how I shoot when I’ve drank over a certain limit. But it worked for me and won my team the night so I was not complaining. I have decided though that I really need to slow down and that it’s okay not to do shots with everyone that wants one. I was a very responsible bordering on boring 21 year old. I think I’m making up for it now.

I have also decided that I have now become “one of the guys” again. All my life I have always had guys for friends except for the few female friends I have deemed friend worthy. Girls can just be too much work and dramatic to have as good friends and the ones I have chosen as friends have all become lifelong friends…the lucky few they are (haha). Over the years I have always been just one of the guys. I’ve always been a tomboy but I have also maintained a bit of girliness too. Guys seem to like this about me. I can give them an un-jilted woman’s point of view. I can watch them check out other girls and not really care (unless they are my guy then there is a difference) and I can rough house with the best of them. Granted I have not done the latter since I was still a teenager but I’m sure I can still hold my own and kick butt. But since high school I really haven’t had a real group of friends I hang out with until I started playing pool so I thought maybe I had lost my “one of the guys” status along the way. Well my friend Mav (I posted about him and his girlfriend problems a couple posts ago) has shown me different. I have entered into the “one of guys” zone once again. I got to hear via text yesterday in minute detail about a topless dancer he watched at the bar the other night. And I have been enlightened to many of these conversations throughout pool nights. Now I really don’t mind because I find it funny and I’m glad they don’t have to worry about getting in trouble around me. But there are just some details I don’t need to know. But I guess I will say being a part of these conversations has helped me over the years. It has helped me to understand why guys are attracted to certain things etc. And when you open your eyes and try to see what they do it helps you become a bit more secure too. Because it’s hard to get pissed off at your guy or whatever guy when you totally understand why they find someone else attractive. I have learned to appreciate what they see and in turn I’ve helped enlighten them as well. It has made me much more relaxed and comfortable in my own skin. But I will still repeat…some details I do not need!

I suppose I’ve rambled enough for this post…so I shall actually do some work I am getting paid for…stay tuned for my next mentionings of mindless drivel!!


At 9:57 AM , Blogger Coffeypot said...

Those details you don't need to know are usually the best part of the story. Jott'em down and tell me about them.

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